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What is SOTA?
SOTA is a non‐profit, student run association which benefits the students of occupational therapy. The purposes of this organization are to enhance the occupational therapy student (OTS) community both educationally and socially, provide support through student's educational career, and create professional and personal bonds that will remain throughout the student’s professional career.

2013-2014 SOTA Board Members
Chairperson                                 Matt Testa
Vice-Chairperson                        Christina Bustamante
Secretary                                     Kavita Patel
Treasurer                                     Vina Lam
Program Coordinators                Jessica Eggers & Rochelle Datangel
Workshop Coordinator               Tracy Chen
Campus & Comm. Co                Anh Pham & Angelina Costa
Publicity Coordinators                Emily Rodino & Jennifer Nguyen
AOTA Representative                Sammie Wong
OTAC Representative                Jenna Jue
Webmaster/Social Networking   Lena Lee
Student Faculty Rep                   Nicole Gonzalez
Faculty Representative               Professor Gigi Smith
ELM 2014 Class Rep                 Jenna Jue
ELM 2015 Class Rep                 Inna Eydelnant & Alice Chen
BS/MS 2014 Class Rep              Iris Yang & Janice Kim
BS/MS 2015 Class Rep              Sarah Lindberg

Fall 2013 SOTA board meeting schedule
The following meetings will be held:
Where: CCB 210
When: First Tuesday of every month
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

All SJSU SOTA members and OT students are encouraged to attend the board meetings. 

board member position duties

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