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OT Student Projects
it's no secret that OT students are an incredibly creative crew! check out some of these fabulous projects by SJSU OT students both past & present...

mosaic collage by livia petronio
(BS/MS OT journey project)


media project by david chung (BS/MS OT journey project)

personal project by deanna lindstrom (BS/MS OT journey project)

The shoes represent the many qualities and abilities that it takes to fulfill the OT role successfully.
The garden O represents who I was when I entered the program, and the T, the new seedlings represents the new skills and tools gained and learned in my first two years of the OT program.

My original plant (O) continues to strengthen and grow as do the seedlings (T) which are newly established but under the right conditions, of great classmates, excellent teachers, and supportive friends and family they are able to flourish.

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