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Audit Competency Quiz

An important assignment you need to complete as part of this course is an audit competency quiz. The quiz has 40 multiple choice questions and is open book.
The exam will close at noon on 3/18.

To access the quiz, please go to the Desire2Learn web portal.


If you have not used the portal before, instructions for login are detailed in a PDF file, which you can access via the link below.


Also attached to this correspondence is a PDF attachment with login instructions if you cannot get the link to work on your computer. If you have trouble getting to the course site, please see Gordon Poon tomorrow in class.

Once you get to the landing page, you should see a window in middle of the page that says "My Courses." Click on "SJSU Sustainability Project-Green Wave-SJSU0002." This will take you to the Course Home Page. Once you get to that page, please read the News section, which gives you basic information about taking the quiz. 

To help you prepare for the exam, please make sure you are familiar with the following topics and know where information on these topics can be found in your binder:

  • Basic information about climate change and its impacts
  • Basic information about energy use and sources in the U.S. and California
  • Definitions of energy efficiency and energy conservation
  • Energy use of typical items and appliances found in a typical residence and office
  • What Energy Star and Energy Guide labels tell you
  • How to calculate energy and cost savings that result from changing out an incandescent light bulb to a CFL equivalent
  • How to calculate water and cost savings that result from installing a low-flow faucet aerator or showerhead
  • What to look for when examining a resident’s hot water heater
  • How to measure water flow
  • Recommended temperature ranges for refrigerators and freezers
  • How to interpret a residential utility bill
  • How to discuss energy saving options with residents concerning food, clothes washing and insulation
  • How to discuss energy saving options with Office Administrators concerning office equipment use and lighting
  • Why and how to install a SmartStrip
  • Definition of phantom load
  • Basic information about HVAC settings used in SJSU offices and dorms
  • The relationship between reductions in energy use and resulting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Basic information on how a rooftop PV solar system works
  • How to interpret basic information on California Solar Initiative Clean Power Estimator printouts
  • How to find the optimal residence azimuth for a rooftop solar system
  • How to size a solar system based on monthly electricity use
  • Basic information on solar rebates
  • Basic information about the City of San Jose’s Green Vision
  • Basic information about power distribution, Smart Grid, SmartMeters, next generation lighting, and personal rapid transit