FREE PRACTICE TEST Saturday, March 9th @ 10am

On Saturday, March 9th @ 10am, Kaplan will be hosting FREE practice tests for the GRE, LSAT, and MCAT at San Jose State University. 

To register for this FREE event, click here: We will send you an email confirming your registration and providing you with instructions on how to check-in on Saturday morning.

Each attendee will receive the following:

·         A FREE practice test, with access to answers and explanations to every question 

·         A short workshop of test-taking methods and strategies with a Kaplan teacher after the test

·         A detailed score report, delivered same-day, providing comprehensive feedback on each student’s individual performance on the test, as well as, answers/explanations for all answer choices

Any questions about this event can be directed to Lauren Silva at

Officer positions available for the 2014-2015 year!

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If you are interested in becoming a Biology Student Association officer for the 2014-2015 academic year, please email with the attached application filled out as well as a paragraph length biography about yourself by Wednesday, April 16th We will be accepting applications up until midnight. Interviews will be held Wednesday, April 23rd 6pm-7pm. Each interview will be approximately 10 minutes. You will receive a call for time of interview. New officers will be announced at next general meeting. 

The leadership positions available are listed below: 


  • Takes and sends out minutes for every meeting
  • Handles all paperwork regarding the club (membership forms, etc.)
  • Tracks number of members
  • Maintains membership list
  • Reply to emails


  • Handles expenses
  • Maintains receipts
  • Documents all club funding
  • Handles club reimbursements

Public Relations 

  • Researches events on and off campus
  • Makes, designs, brings down & puts up flyers
  • Take and post pictures (anyone with a camera can take pictures)
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Find out if we can use Duncan and Mcquirre screens to display BSA info
  • Dates of meetings for the month
  • BSA website


Officer positions available for 2013-2014 year!

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If you are interested in becoming a Biology Student Association officer for the 2013-2014 academic year, please email us with the attached application filled out as well as a paragraph length biography about yourself by April 22nd. The positions available to run for are Treasurer and Public Relations/Historian. Your biography should include why people should vote for you and why you would make a great officer for BSA. We will be emailing out and putting your biography on our Facebook page along with a link to vote starting on April 22nd. On April 29th, votes will be counted and you will be notified of the results sometime on May 1st. 

Keep in mind that leadership involvement looks great on resumes and help enhance leadership and communication skills!

Student Intern Positions with California Student Sustainability Coalition

posted Mar 5, 2013, 1:02 PM by Sjsu Bsa

Dear Biology Student Association,

My name is Phillomina Wong and I am a coordinator for the California Student Sustainability Coalition. The CSSC has launched a new program called Campus Organizing Trainings and we are currently looking for three student interns from the Bay Area. If you can, please pass this opportunity along to your students. Below is more information about the internship and program.

Campus Organizing Trainings (COT’s) are educational workshops created with the purpose of teaching students how to become organizers, share skills, and to become empowered. We are currently looking for three students to become COT Facilitators.

COT Facilitators are responsible for outreaching to campuses in the Bay Area, working with students to organize COT Workshops on their campus, and for facilitating workshops.

During the five month internship, each facilitator will be required to create one educational workshop for the program, create and maintain an informational database on workshop evaluations, and learn about the topics covered in workshops. On average, facilitators are expected to work about 10 to 15 hours a week. We are currently looking for three facilitators, preferably one located in the Peninsula, East Bay, and South Bay.

  • Able to commit to the full five month period, April to August
  • Able to attend a COT Facilitator training, April 6th to April 7th and our Spring Convergence at UC Berkeley, April 26th to April 28th
  • Access to a car in order to drive to campuses located in the Bay Area
  • The ability to connect and communicate how economic, environmental, and social problems are connected
  • Experience with speaking and working with students from diverse ethnic, cultural, national, and gender backgrounds.

Time Required
10 to 15 hours per weeks

Interns will receive $100 a month, totaling $500 for the entire internship period.

How to Apply
To apply, fill out an application on our website. After you submit your application, we will call you to schedule a phone interview. Applications are due Friday, March 22nd.

If students have any questions they are able to send an email to The CSSC is also currently working with on divestment from fossil fuels. If there are any students who are interested or would like help in starting a divestment campaign please let them know we are able to help. Thank you for your time!

Phillomina Wong
CSSC Intern

Cinequest Film Festival Deal

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Dear Biology Student Association (BSA) at SJSU,
On February 26th, Cinequest Film Festival draws the curtain and unleashes its most breathtaking line-up to date! Cinequest has an electrifying line-up of $5 films (see below) and we would really appreciate it if you could share it with members of your community. Additional highlights include: Maverick Spirit Awards to film and literature icons Harrison Ford, Salman Rushdie, and Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk. Cinequest proudly presents an emotionally charged 13-day event with exciting celebrations, leading Artist & Innovator Forums, and 86 World and U.S. Premieres featuring stars such as Elle Fanning (Super 8), Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time) and Laura Prepon (That 70's Show). Will you consider helping us connect your friends and followers in the Biology Student Association (BSA) with fellow film lovers, artists, writers, and innovators at Cinequest? If so, we can send you a beautiful pdf to email or post, as well as social community text. In return, we’d like you to be our guest at Cinequest.
Hot movie pick: Sparks. Based on his own cult comic hit, Christopher Folino's groundbreaking superhero noir thriller follows the exploits of Ian Sparks as he tries to rid his city of those that have turned it into a daily hell. In addition to hosting the red carpet world premiere on Friday, March 1, Cinequest is also putting on a superhero costume contest that same night. Participants can come dressed as an original or their favorite superhero and earn a chance to win exclusive Cinequest prizes. Winner will be chosen based on creativity and authenticity. 

Sharon Mae Gonzales
Cinequest Marketing Team
(408) 995-5033 x133

Tutor Positions at Extreme Learning

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My name is Wendolyne Gonzalez and I’m the Recruiting Assistant at Extreme Learning. We are currently looking to hire tutors for our weekend positions located in Morgan Hill CA. Are any of your members looking for a part time opportunity working with children? If so, please spread the word and have them email me directly. For further information please visit our website at:

Wendolyne Gonzalez

Recruiting Assistant

Extreme Learning, Inc.

(408) 782-5045 ext.7142

Research Study

posted Mar 5, 2013, 12:30 PM by Sjsu Bsa



My name is Daphne Hussey, and I'm a project manager at watchLAB, which is a market research company that has offices in San Francisco & Berkeley. 


Our company recruits respondents for paid focus groups, and we currently need undergraduate students, ages 18-20, to participate in several upcoming studies.  These particular studies will take approximately 90-minutes & 2-hours, and we pay qualified respondents about $100-175 for their time (depending on the individual client).  Groups are taking place in both San Francisco & Berkeley. 


I’ve attached a flyer with the study details – if you could forward this on to any students that may be interested, we would appreciate it. Those that are interested can call our office at 510-809-3113 and reference “Students” to be directed to the correct representative. Of if they prefer, they can complete our online, pre-qualifying questionnaire by clicking on the link below. Those who appear to be a good fit will be contacted by a representative with additional questions.


For more company information, visit our website: www.watchlab.comthere is a link on our homepage to our online database form if people are interested in being contacted for other studies that may come up in the future.


Thank you very much for any assistance you can offer!




Daphne Hussey  |  Project Manager

p. +1 510.809.3113


Job Posting for Biology Instructor with Insight Education

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A CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS!! MESA Day - Saturday March 2, 2013

posted Feb 13, 2013, 10:49 AM by Sjsu Bsa

MESA Day - Saturday March 2, 2013

Dear BSA, 
The San Jose State University MESA Schools Program is hosting its annual MESA Day Preliminary Competitions on Saturday March 2, 2013 at San Jose State University. MESA Days are a yearly showcase of students’ math and science talent. Through MESA and MESA Day competitions, students can explore a future career in engineering, Science, and other technical fields.  Students from San Jose school districts will participate in science, technology, engineering, and math competitions designed to help them apply their academic skills to hands-on and real world experiences. 

MESA Day competitions are led by group volunteers, volunteer scientists and engineers from local leading companies.  In other words, without volunteers this event couldn't be possible.  To participate at MESA Day 2013 please go to the following link and fill out the form: .  If you have already signed up to volunteer, please disregard this email.  

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL volunteers must be of 18 years of age or older. Many are asking if they can bring their children. Unfortunately, this is against our policy, insurance contracts and our campus contracts.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

~ Olivia
Student Assistant

SJSU MESA PROGRAM'S MISSION: The San Jose State University MESA Center seeks to prepare and motivate educationally disadvantaged (first generation college-bound) students to pursue college-preparatory coursework, promoting careers in STEM, and develop their pre-professional and leadership skills.

Study in the Southwest of France with SJSU

posted Feb 4, 2013, 10:07 AM by Sjsu Bsa


Study in the Southwest of France with SJSU

A River Runs Through It: Prehistory, Food, Culture & Commerce of the Dordogne Region in Southwestern France

May 29 – June 18, 2013

Global Studies 188 (3 units, Area V GE)

Biology 101 (3 units, Area R GE)


The Dordogne region (named after the great Dordogne River) in southwest France is rich in unexpected ways. From the cragged, forbidding precipices which Paleolithic humans called home 40,000 years ago to poor soils that paradoxically yield extraordinary foods from walnuts to truffles, this region is a treasure trove and natural classroom. Join us for this special offering of Biology 101 as we go back in time to study the dramatic cultural and biological transitions that are the hallmarks of human prehistory during this period. In Global Studies 188, we will study food and commerce in regional France – from the family farm and the local marché to global export; learn about and appreciate specific food industries (e.g., truffles, regional cheese, wine, etc.) in the southwestern region of France, and their historical and economic significance; develop an appreciation of and understanding for how food traditions have influenced culture and society in France.


We will begin in Paris with an overview of prehistory, food and commerce in France, followed by 14 days in the Dordogne region. We will conclude in the Bordeaux region with a look at viticulture in France. This program will consist of discussions, student projects and participation in numerous excursions including (but not limited to): Musée du Vin (Paris) vAugust Blanqui marché (Paris) v Androuet Cheese Shop (Paris) v La Bague de Kenza & Carl Marletti Pâtisseries (Paris) v Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) v Musée d'Archéologie nationale (Saint-Germain-en-Laye) v Rouffignac St Cernin marché (Rouffignac-St-Cernin) vSarlat marché (Sarlat) v La Borie d’Imbert (Rocamadour) v Le Moulin de Maneyrol (Pazayac) v Le Bugue-sur-Vézère marché (Le Bugue-sur-Vézère) v Grotte de Font de Gaume v Grotte de Rouffignac v Grotte des Combarelles v Chateau de Puymartin v Site Expérimental Trufficole (Cuzance) v Sarlat v Rocamadour v Les Eyzies de Tayac v L'Ecole Hôtelière du Périgord v Souillac marché (Souillac) v Distillerie de Louis Roque (Souillac) v St. Emilion v Château Tiregand (Creysse) vChâteau Belingard (Pomport) v Château Corbin (Bordeaux).


The cost of this program starts at $3990 per person, and includes lodging, food, excursion transportation and entrance fees (airfare to/from France is not included). Space is limited to 12 participants. Classes are in English – no prior knowledge of French necessary. Prerequisite: passage of WST at time of departure. You can download the application here.  


Want More Information?  Come to one of the following information sessions:

Weds Feb 6: noon to 12:45 in DH 546

Friday Feb 8: noon to 12:45 in DH 546

Weds Feb 13: noon to 12:45 in DH 546

Friday Feb 15: noon to 12:45 in DH 546

If you interested in the program but can’t make any of these times, email Dr. McGee ( to set up a meeting.


About the Instructors:  Dr. Elizabeth McGee, a professor of Biological Sciences at San Jose State University, specializes in primate ecology and evolution, both past and present. Her research has taken her to Madagascar, France, and Spain. She teaches a variety of courses at SJSU, including GE and majors biology and graduate seminars in ecology and evolution. Mr. Arnaud Bergerol was born and raised in France, and earned his Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées from the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) in Economics and Applied Foreign Languages. Arnaud’s interests are in French food and its commerce in the Perigord region of southwest France.


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Dear SJSU  Spartan,
I hope that you had a great start to the spring 2013 semester.  As you settle into the semester and are looking for that one class you still need to fulfill a GE requirement in areas V or R, we wanted to let you know that you still have an opportunity to register for a class that will fulfill the requirement for these areas.

SJSU Online is offering more sections of CHAD 106 – Concepts of Childhood and METR 112 – Global Climate Change as special session online courses. CHAD 106 fulfills area V and METR 112 fulfills area R GE requirements. These classes will be completely online and will run for a total of 10 weeks (March 5 – May 14). Registration begins February 25. As an SJSU student, you can register at MySJSU.

It is also important to note that tuition for the SJSU Online courses will be based on a per-unit cost. For the spring 2013 session, the cost per unit is $350 (e.g., a 3-unit course is $1050).This means that CHAD 106 will be an extra $1,050 on top of your regular tuition.

Financial aid may apply to these courses, but will need to be verified with the Financial Aid office. We recommend that you make an appointment or go see a financial aid counselor. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is located within the Student Services Center (SSC), on the first floor of the 10th Street Parking Garage; on the corner of 9th and San Fernando Street, adjacent to campus 408-283-7500 (Press #6). 

For more information about SJSU Online and a list of classes that will be offered in spring 2013, please visit our website at


·         Registration begins February 25 and ends March 5

·         Last day to register is March 12

·         Each class will cost an extra $1,050

·         Payment is due upon registration

·         Financial aid may apply to these courses, but will need to be verified with the Financial Aid office

·         Contact Jessica González if you have questions,, 408.924.2742

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

All the best, 

Jessica González
Administrative  Assistant, SJSU Online
College of International and Extended Studies
San José State University
Phone: 408.924.2742

Fax: 408.924.2666


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