SJSU Alumni Association

Santa Cruz Area Chapter

All SJSU Alums and family, and friends of San Jose State University, are welcome to join our area chapter. We were specifically organized to foster San Jose State University, provide social and educational activities for Spartan Alums, and to provide support for academic and Marching Band Scholarships.

Check out the various pages located on this website to see specifics about our programs and activities!

2022-23 Scholarship Applications

2021-22 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Arlette Aguayo Uribe (Watsonville HS), Donald Baker (San Lorenzo Valley HS), Kayla Mitchell (Cabrillo College), Luke Reason (San Lorenzo Valley HS)

Arlette Aguayo Uribe

Donald Baker

Kayla Mitchell

Luke Reason

2020-21 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Noely Escalante-Lopez (Soquel HS), Alejandra Espiritu (Watsonville HS), Miguel Iniguez-Franco (Harbor HS), Elisa Orozco (Cabrillo College)

Noely Escalante-Lopez

Alejandra Espiritu

Miguel Iniguez-Franco

Elisa Orozco

2019-20 Scholarship Recipients Announced

From left to right: Tyler Erwin (Scotts Valley HS), Ken Ueda-Martinez (Cabrillo College), Michelle Ibarra-Castillo (Pajaro Valley HS), Melissa Martinez (Soquel HS), Erin Koch (Cabrillo College), Natalie Owens (San Lorenzo Valley HS), Natalia DuVernois (San Lorenzo Valley HS). Not pictured: Alex Uribe-Rocha (Cabrillo College)