Search Engines

A web search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web.

A meta-search engine is a search tool that sends user requests to several other search engines and/or databases and aggregates the results into a single list or displays them according to their source. Metasearch engines enable users to enter search criteria once and access several search engines simultaneously. From Wikipedia  .
Other search engine lists and directories: The-Best-Search-Engines-List  , Pandia  ,  ,  ,  , The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines  , Machable/140+Search Engines and Directories  , Wikipedia/List of search engines  , The Search Engine,, BBC News - Google: Alternatives to the search giant. Note: Some of the directories may have links to malicious sites.
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List of search engines

General search engines



Cuil   (Defunct)

Duck Duck Go  

Acquired by Google India.




WireDoo is in Pre-Beta.

Yahoo! Search (Powered by Bing  
English version of Russian search engine.

Other Search engines   (Defunct)
Their URL address is now used by a skin products company.

SJSF: It is a very simple search engine with very bad search results.


Info: Blippex orders sites according to the amount of time people spend on a page once they have clicked onto it.

Boogami  (Possibly Defunct)
Boogami search engine is not functioning.


Social search engine
Advisory: Eurekster has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust  .

A partner of Entireweb.

Foovy is no longer a search engine.




Icerocket is now a blog & social media search engine.   (English) (Possibly defunct)   (Español) 
Ipiari presents results in images that show the interface of the website obtained as a search result.

iWannaSearch   beta
See their blog for more info  .
SJSF opinion: iWannaSearch has poor results.

Visual search engine

Kosmix   (Defunct)
The link redirects to WalmartLabs.
Kosmix searches for relevant videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and links to related topics.Not a normal Search engine.

(Possibly defunct)
Lookle donates up to 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.  



As of September 2010, the MozDex search engine is unavailable. Wikipedia article


Opinion: MySeek has poor results.

OktypuS    (Possibly Defunct)
It allows users to visually preview websites before clicking on them. Not functioning at the moment.

PC Tools - Search Defender

Qkport   (Possibly defunct or under renovation)

Scrub the  (Powered by Nutch)
From Israel
It is not functioning at the moment. February, 2012 

Search Engine Corp  
Search Engine Corp's search feature is now Yahoo! powered
Warning: SearchHippo has been rated red by WOT & Web Security Guard.

Info: An Islamic Search Engine
Taqwa's own description  : Islamic Conscience Search Engine 

thagoo   beta (Possibly Defunct)

A search engine powered by tweets.

SJSF opinion: Tygo's results are not very good.





Info: Yacy bases its search on the principle of a peer-to-peer network.


Semantic Search engines
Evri is no longer a search engine.


hakia   (Powered by  )


Major Non English search engines

Baidu   (Chinese) (Chinese)   (Russian)

Non English and/or Geographically limited search engines

Alleba   (Philippine, English)   (Australian with web-server in the USA) Language: English
Advisory: has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust  .

Buscador Terra  
Language: Spanish (en español)  

Daum   (South Korean)   (Swedish)

goo   (Japanese)   (India)
Norton Safe Web   safety rating. LinkExtend Safety Status: Low Risk   (Poland)

Kvasir   (Norwegian)
Powered by Google (Icelandic)

Luna.TV   (Japanese)
Powered by Google   (Malaysian)
Powered by Google

Maktoob   (Jordan)
Avalable in English.
LinkExtend Safety Status:Low Risk (Hungarian) (Slovenian)

Naver   (South Korean)   (Poland)   (Polish)
Enhanced by Google
Rated as potentially dangerous by hpHosts  .

Onkosh   (Arabic, Egypt)   (Hungarian)

Rambler   (Russian) (India)

SAPO   (Portugal) (Switzerland, English) (Czech)   (Chinese)   (Sweden)
Enhanced by Google   (Sweden)

Talk Talk   (UK)
Talk Talk no longer has search.  
Enhanced by Google.
Language: Spanish (en español)

Voila   (French)

Walla!   (Israel, Hebrew)
Powered by Google.

WP.PL   (Polish)

Youdao   (Chinese)
Meta-search engines

Agent 55  


All Searches

Removed due to red ratings from WOT  , McAfee SiteAdvisor   & Trend Micro Site Safety Center  .  
Blingo Info: Search and get a chance to win prizes. Powered by Bing & Yahoo! Search.
Advisory: Blingo got a yellow rating from WOT: Web of Trust   and 3 negative reviews in McAfee SiteAdvisor  .

Clusty   is now yippy  

Privacy advisory: CurryGuide displays what its users search for on their Dynamic Search Statistics pages  . Some may consider this a privacy risk.

do Great Good   (Defunct)
do Great Good now direct their users to Dogpile.
A search to donate site powered by, Bing and Yahoo!.

Powered by Google, Bing, & Yahoo!.   (Possibly defunct) has poor and few results.  
Powered by Bing & Yahoo!
Info  : Every search will raise funds for the Galactosaemia   Support Group.
A search to donate site

Powered by Google, Bing & Yahoo!.

Advisory: Find Target has been rated red by WOT  .

Powered by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, &

Websites are displayed within Gnome.
Advisory: Gnome has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust  . LinkExtend Safety Status:Low Risk

GoodTree   (Possibly defunct)
Chose your favorite charities and support them with your searches.
Advisory: Good Tree got a red rating in child safety from WOT:Web of Trust  .
LinkExtend Safety Status:Low Risk

Search Google and Wolfram Alpha toghether at the same time.

Harvester now only searches for scientific sites & documents.
Harvester42 queries over 30 major search engines in parallel and presents a large result page with the individual search engine results.

iBoogie   (Powered by Bing)
Info  : Powered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, LookSmart, About and Open Directory.
Advisory: has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust  . LinkExtend Safety Status:Low Risk

Powered by Google, Yahoo! & Bing.

iRazoo   (Powered by Yahoo! & the user's recommendations)
Websites are displayed within iRazoo.
iRazoo: Search and Win free gift cards.

Ixquick protects your privacy  
Ixquick focuses on protecting the privacy of their users.


LeapFish   (Possibly defunct)

WOT: Web of Trust   safety status: light green. LinkExtend Safety Status: Low Risk  
Most results appear to be from Bing.

Metacca   (Possibly defunct or under renovation)
Powered by Google, Yahoo! & Bing. 

Meta Strike  (Possibly abandoned)
The search is not functioning at the moment.

Search results from Bing & Yahoo!.

Monster Crawler  
Powered by Google, Yahoo!, & Bing. 

Myriad Search   (No longer available)
Myriad Search is dead.
A pop-up ad appears when you enter their site.

My Way  
The user can chose what search engine to use. 
The choices are  between Yahoo!, Ask, & Google. 
Advisory: My Way has been rated yellow by WOT  .  
NeoAid is no longer providing search.
A search to donate site powered by Google   and Yahoo!  .

Onimeta   (Possibly Defunct)
No longer a search engine.

Advisory: PerfectSE has been rated red by WOT:Web of Trust  .

Powered by Google, Bing, Ask, & Yahoo!.

qksearch   (Possibly defunct or under renovation)
Privacy advisory: qksearch displays what its users search for on its Search Viewer   page.Some people may consider this a privacy risk.

Info: Powered by Google, Yahoo!, & Bing.  
Powered by BlekkoGoogle, Bing & DMOZ directory.  

Search Kindly is a search to donate site.
Powered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, & Wikipedia

Advisory: Searches has been rated red by WOT:Web of Trust  .

Searchy   (Possibly defunct)
Advisory: Searchy has been rated yellow and red by WOT:Web of Trust  .

It seems Snap will no longer be providing general web search.

SniperPoint   (Possibly defunct or under renovation) 

Sonic Run
SJSF: At the moment it has terrible results.

Not functioning at the moment. February 6, 2012 
Allows the user to switch results between Google  , Yahoo!   and dmoz open directory project  . 

Enhanced by Bing & Yahoo!.

Stream City   (Possibly defunct or under renovation)
Privacy advisory:Stream City displays what its users search for on their    web page.Some may consider this a privacy risk.

SurfWax is now a news search site.

TripleMe   (Possibly defunct)
Searches Google, Yahoo, and Bing.The results are displayed in three columns, one column per search engine. 

Turbo 10  (Possibly defunct)

Uncover the Net
Web directory & Search Engine.
Powerd by Google, Yahoo!, & Bing. 

Powered by Google, Yahoo! & Bing.

Powered by Google, Yahoo! & Bing.

Warning: whatUseek has been rated red by WOT.


Yooci  (Possibly defunct or currently unavailable)

Powered by Google, Yahoo!, & Bing.

Powered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, & Ask.

Zuula gets its results on separate tabs from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Gigablast, Exalead, Alexa, Entireweb, Mahalo, & Mojeek.

Zworks   (Possibly defunct or currently unavailable)

Visual search engines   (English) (Possibly Defunct)   (Español) 
Ipiari presents results in images that show the interface of the website obtained as a search result.


LyGO is now part of Lycos  
Advisory: LyGO has been rated Yellow by WOT:Web of Trust  .

Mugurdy   (Defunct) 
Due to a lack of funding, the Mugurdy Visual Search Engine has been taken off the air.

Viewzi   (Defunct)

Invisible Web Search Engines

InfoMine (  

Intute (  

For other invisible web search engines see  .

GIF Search Engines
Search engines powered by other search engines.

Powered by is a free casual game site and web portal that offers the chance to win cash and prizes through activities such as clicking through links or playing online games.
Warning: has been rated red by M86 SecureBrowsing & yellow by WOT: Web of Trust  .

Teoma   (Owned by
Powered by Bing

Alexa Internet  
It is mainly used to provide statistics on websites.
Advisory:Alexa Internet has been rated yellow by McAfee SiteAdvisor  .  
An environmental Search to donate site.

iBoogie   (English)   (German)

Powered by Google donates 25% of all earnings to Save the Children.  (Defunct)
Google shut them down.
The link now takes you to the Health & Fitness Tips blog.
See Facebook page for more information.
A search to donate site.

ALOT Search  
Warning: ALOT has been rated red by WOT  . 

AOL Search  
AVG Secure Search  


Energy saving search

Not working at the moment. February 8, 2012
An environmental search to donate site.



eco search
Ecooogle is now just a blog.  
Google custom search & Internet speed test.

Web Directory

Give me back my Google  
Not affiliated with Google  .

Create your own custom search page with your own images. is n
ot owned, operated, sponsored, or endorsed by Google  ™


Energy saving search engine.  
A search to donate site.

Lunascape Start (   

Magic taxi  
MagicTaxi gives 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.

Meta Eureka   

MySpace Search  

Netscape Search  

Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE) 
Possibly Defunct 
Link removed due to security concerns.
The link is redirecting to a potentially malicious site.

Pandia Power Search  
Pandia is also a directory of search engines.

By Ixquick 
Info: Startpage offers Web search results from Google in complete privacy.

Starting Point  
Starting Point is also a web directory.

SuperSafeSearch blocks some sites that contain viruses & spyware.
SuperSafeSearch currently blocks 13670 sites known to contain viruses.   (Possibly defunct or under renovation)
Save energy while you search theGreenspider has saved an estimated 1,422,880,000 Ws to date - enough to power one 60W light bulb for 395,244 minutes.

Zen Search
Google custom search

Google custom search

By using Znout, you can make your Internet searches CO2 neutral.

Powered by Yahoo!
Yahoo! is now powered by Bing  
A search to donate site.

AltaVista was once one of the most popular search engines.Info from Wikipedia (It is now part of Yahoo! Search)

Clicks4Cancer   (It no longer has search)
Formerly a search to donate site.


At the moment only is up, but it is not working. (February 2012)
Ecocho has the aim of offsetting carbon emissions by donating 70% of revenues to 'carbon offset credits'.Info from Wikipedia  
Privacy advisory: Ecocho displays what its users search for on their Trends   page. Some may consider this a privacy risk.

A search to donate site.

Forestle is now  
Forestle is an ecologically inspired not-for-profit web search site.Info from Wikipedia  

GoodSearch donates 50% of its revenue, about a penny per search, to listed American charities and schools designated by its users.[2]  From Wikipedia  

HotBot   (Owned by Lycos)


Rollyo   (Possibly defunct)
A search to donate site.

Powered and/or enhanced by Entireweb
ExactSeek (Owned by Jayde Online, Inc.)

Sites on Display (Owned by Jayde Online, Inc.)

Search Engine News