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Your searches generate the donation.
See:gavinhudson-Green Options/Top 15 Charity Search Engines for more info on some of the listed search to donate sites.
Their motto: You search we give.
You chose the charity.
Their motto:Save the world, one click at a time.
Both a search to donate site and a click to donate site.Four charities are available.
Your searches benefit charity.
About Search Kindly: Search Kindly lets you donate money for free just by using Google from their page instead of any other. They take the money that you directly and indirectly donate to us and use it to build mobile libraries for underserved schools.

Search to donate food (Possibly Defunct)
Environmental (Powered by Bing) (Powered by Bing)
Forestle is now (Powered by Bing)
With each search at Forestle you save 0.1 yd² of rainforest for free.
Motto:Your environmentally conscious portal.
Motto:You search.We grow trees.

Other Search to Donate Sites donates 25% of all earnings to Save the Children. (Defunct
Every time you use this search money is generated to help struggling families.
Every visit raises money that is donated to UNICEF.

Cambodia-Life Google custom search

Support your favorite cancer charities and research
organizations by surfing the web.
Not functioning at the moment.

do Great
Their motto:
You Search the Web, We'll Donate to Charity.
Info: Every search will raise funds for the Galactosaemia Support Group. Galactosaemia is a rare genetic disease that affects 1 in 45000 babies born in the UK each year. The aim of the GSG is to alleviate the suffering and promote the relief and care of persons suffering from Galactosaemia and to advance education concerning the disease.
Chose a charity and search the web to fundraise for them.
Advisory: Everyclick may install QuickTime into your computer start-up through Internet Explorer. is shutting down.
Chose your favorite charities and support them with your searches.
Advisory:Good Tree has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust
Lookle donates up to 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.

Magic taxi
MagicTaxi gives 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.
Chose your favorite charity and search to give.