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Multiple Causes Play to Donate sites

Play free games and help a charity.
There are several game categories.They include:37 Action games, 23 Casino and Card games,  33 Other games, 85 Puzzle and Strategy games, 15 Retro - Arcade games 28 RPGs, and 26 Sports games.

Four available charities:Care a charity that donates wheat, charity: water, The Oaktree Foundation a charity that provides education, and The Natural Conservancy a global organisation dedicated to protecting land and waters on which the diversity of life depends.

Other Play to Donate sites

Aid to Children

Coupon Quiz
The site is dedicated to giving grocery coupons to military families.


Play to

Play to Donate Food sites
Feeding America
Does not appear to be available anymore.
Answer the questions and then submit your name and e-mail to complete the donation.
They only send one e-mail after each game. 

Play different word games to donate rice.

Answer the trivia questions to donate flour and bread.

German site
Answer the questions to donate rise.
Note:This site is in german but it can be translated to English or other languages using IE8 with Google toolbar. 

Take a quiz.

Play to Donate Water sites

Find the mentioned locations on the map.

Memorize and recall numbers

Play to Donate Medicine sites
Take the vocabulary quiz.
For each correct answer, Give will donate funds to the GAVI Fund to purchase 0.01 milliliter (ml) of life-saving vaccine.
Environmental Play to Donate Sites
Not functioning at the moment.
Answer the questions to help plant trees.

Safety status unknown. Not yet rated.

The Wilderness Society
Play games, Save wilderness.

Feed the Animals Play to Donate sites

Feed a dog by answering a trivia question.
Feed a cat by answering the trivia question.

Experience project/save cats
Play the trivia to feed cats.

Experience project/save dogs
Play the trivia to feed dogs.