Thank you for your attention to our school choice conference call.

If you haven’t done so already, follow this link to send a message to your own state legislator in support of school choice.

As promised, here are links and attachments to many school choice advocacy resources.

The general flyer on school choice

This one-pager will work well as a bulletin insert or take-home flyer for parents.

·         Catholics Support School Choice.

A Catholic Guide to School Choice:

This two-page document can be reproduced and widely distributed as a whole, or feel free to copy and paste the questions and answers for bulletins, newsletters, websites, or social media posts.

·          A Catholic Guide to School Choice

Issue Specific One-Pagers:

These one- and two-page documents can also by copied and distributed, but are designed to provide background information. The issue points can be used in your letters, emails, and any other communications.

·         Vouchers will benefit taxpayers.

·         Catholic schools are accountable.

·         School choice works in other states.

·         Catholics schools will not sacrifice their mission.

·         School choice is not a public vs. private school issue.

These documents and others will be kept up-to-date on webpage –

Social Media:

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Sample post or tweet: School Choice is a priority issue for legislators this fall – it is good for students, parents and communities. Please send a message in support of school choice at


Sample letters & emails – includes sample text you can use with your teachers, parents and home & school boards, and samples they can use in their letters and emails to legislators

Sample script – suggested points that advocates can make when visiting or calling a legislator or his/her staff

Feedback form – legislators sometimes give different responses to constituents than they do Harrisburg lobbyists. Please complete and return this form to the PCC anytime you or one of your advocates makes contact with a legislator. Your feedback is enormously valuable to our effort!

Thank you again for your effort to pass school choice and for making Catholic education worth fighting for!


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