SJphone Quicksilver Module 

A plug-in for QuickSilver that enables dialing from SJphone 

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(be sure to read the requirements section on this page prior to install)


SJphone Module is a plug-in for Quicksilver that enables dialing to SJphone.


Send text to Quicksilver with the "Dial with SJphone" action

Known Issues



Quicksilver (B51)
SJphone (build 1.60.299a)
To use the SJphone Module, you must have Assistive Devices enabled in Universal Access within System Preferences.

This has only been tested on an Intel Mac running OS 10.4.9.

Source Code


If anyone wants to modify this source code, please feel free to do so. I would appreciate it if someone could implement code or show me how to implement code that will look at the QuickSilver input and only show the "Dial with SJPhone" action if the input is a phone number, instead of any text.


Written by Kevin Murphy.
Special thanks to that Vacuous Virtuoso for his tutorial at
Uses AppleScript developed by users in the SJphone Forums here:


This add-on may be freely distributed. It is not guaranteed to work and you use it at your own risk.


You can reach me at kbmurphy+SJQS at google's mail service dot you know what it is.