The stories and photos of Steve, Dr Siss and Rosy

The adventures of a Wentworth Gang 

This web page is the stories and photos of Steve, and  Dr Siss his black kelpie and Rosy our Red Heeler, iprobably mainly about walks along the Murray and Darling rivers, along with an occasional swim, like yesterday, being 17 March 2008.

Those looking for Steve's drawings should go to'sdrawings

Other articles may turn up about a variety of topics, including but not limited to "Our wonderful Maggie, (also known as Grim, to those of us who have four legs anyway)", life as a Stroke Survivor some eight years on, Viet Vo, the importance of being a Tasmanian even if we are currently living in Wentworth, possibly some town planning, even some thoughts on real planning and probably eventually lots of other stuff. All of this on the assumption that I eventually work out how to put it all together. And the weather of course.

Today being the 18 March it is of course Maggie's birthday...and there is a promise that the temperature may not reach 40 (celcius) for the first time for about 20 straight days and even a possibility of of a shower this evening, believe that when we feel it .  And there could not be a better birthday present than a 28degree day (which we won't get) and some rain (which we probably won't get either)

But at least it may nearly be drawing weather, mind you 38 is still a bit hot for serious red gum drawing, so it may be just another swim or so.

some of you may recognize the picture below from a drawing you looked at recently.  The Murray side of Snake Island. Snake Island is also known as Junction island and at parts of the island you can see the Murray on one side and the Darling on the other. It is where Captain Sturt had a bit of a run in with the natives, though no-one seems to have suggested they came down from Mungo to have a chat...having possibly moved to Wentworth to be a few thousand years earlier 





        Just to show you it is not all fun the photos above and below are of a planning job I am doing, the owners intend to retire after 35 years (half their lifetime) of farming and living on the block (oranges and grapes that you can't see) and want to be able to continue to live on this property...but will they be able to subdivide?  

They have been very good this year... due to the lack of water and haven't really given their tennis court the care it deserves. 

But will Wentworth Shire allow them to subdivide? Only time will tell.  

Steve would 


And now to little Manly for a swim for Rosy and Siss, who you can't see because they aren't in the picture     

                                                    and a young red gum that is just refusing to give up

 Today being 19March the exciting news so far is that it is not going to be 40 degrees ...but perhaps other exciting stuff may happen...more of that later