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 Edited Books

Lycett, S.J. & Chauhan, P.R. (Eds.) (2010). New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Palaeolithic Technologies. Springer: New York.  Front matter

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Ellen, R.F. Lycett, S.J., & Johns, S.E. (Eds.) (2013). Understanding Cultural Transmission in Anthropology: A Critical Synthesis. Berghahn: New York/Oxford. Cover  Preface  Link
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Journal articles and book chapters
  • In Press

Lycett, S.J. (In Press). Differing patterns of material culture intergroup variation on the High Plains: a quantitative analysis of parfleche characteristics versus moccasin decoration. American Antiquity

Betti, L., Lycett, S.J., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Pearson, O. (In press). Are human hands and feet affected by climate? A test of Allen’s Rule. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

Schillinger, K., Mesoudi., A. & Lycett, S.J. (In press). The impact of imitative versus emulative learning mechanisms on artifactual variation: implications for the evolution of material culture. Evolution and Human Behavior  Link 

Eren, M.I. & Lycett, S.J. (In Press). A statistical examination of flake edge angles produced during experimental lineal Levallois reductions and consideration of their functional implications. Journal of Archaeological Method and TheoryLink 

Lycett, S.J. (In Press). The importance of a “quantitative genetic” approach to the evolution of artifact morphological traits. In Cultural Phylogenetics: Concepts and Applications in Archaeology and Anthropology, edited by L. Mendoza-Straffon. New York: Springer Press.

Lycett, S.J. (In press) Cultural evolution. In: Callan, H. (eds) International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

  • 2015

Lycett, S.J. (2015). Cultural evolutionary approaches to artifact variation over time and space: basis, progress, and prospects. Journal of Archaeological Science 56: 21-31. Link  PDF 

Lycett, S.J. & von Cramon-Taubadel, N. (2015). Toward a “quantitative genetic” approach to lithic variation. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 22 (2): 646-675. Link  PDF  

Lycett, S.J., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Eren, M.I. (2015). Levallois: potential implications for learning and cultural transmission capacities. Lithic Technology   Link 

Lycett, S.J., Schilllinger  K., Kempe, M. & Mesoudi, A. (2015). Approaching learning in the Acheulean: insights from experiments using handaxe form as a “model organism.” In Learning Strategies and Cultural Evolution during the Paleolithic (edited by A. Mesoudi & K. Aoki) pp.155-166. New York: Springer.

Key, A.J.M. & Lycett, S.J. (In Press). Edge angle as a variably influential factor in flake cutting efficiency: An experimental investigation of its relationship with tool size and loading. Archaeometry Link

  • 2014

Betti, L., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Manica, A. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). The interaction of neutral evolutionary processes with climatically-driven adaptive changes in the 3D shape of the human os coxae. Journal of Human Evolution 73: 64-74. Link

Eren, M.I., Roos, C.I., Story, B., von Cramon-Taubadel., N. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). The role of raw material differences in stone tool shape variation: an experimental assessment. Journal of Archaeological Science 49: 472–487. Link

Kempe, M., Lycett, S.J. & Mesoudi, A. (2014). Cultural differences and cumulative culture: parameterizing the differences between human and nonhuman culture. Journal of Theoretical Biology 359: 29–36.  Link

Key, A.J.M. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). Are bigger flakes always better? An experimental assessment of flake size variation on cutting efficiency and loading. Journal of Archaeological Science 41 (1): 140-146. Link 

Lycett, S.J. (2014). Dynamics of cultural transmission in Native Americans of the High Great Plains. PLoS ONE 9 (11 / e112244): 1–8.  Link  PDF  

Schillinger, K., Mesoudi, A. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). Considering the role of time budgets on copy-error rates in material culture traditions: an experimental assessment. PLoS ONE 9 (5) e97157: 1–10. Link  PDF

Schillinger, K., Mesoudi, A. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). Copying error and the cultural evolution of "additive" vs. "reductive" material traditions: an experimental assessment. American Antiquity 79 (1): 128-143. Link PDF


von Cramon-Taubadel, N. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). A comparison of catarrhine genetic distances with pelvic and cranial morphology: implications for determining hominin phylogeny. Journal of Human Evolution 77: 179–186.  Link 

  • 2013
Lycett, S.J. & Eren, M.I. (2013). Levallois lessons: The challenge of integrating mathematical models, experiments and the archaeological record. World Archaeology 45 (4): 519-538. Link  PDF
Lycett, S.J. (2013). Cultural transmission theory and fossil hominin behaviour: A discussion of epistemological and methodological strengths. In: Ellen, R.F., Lycett, S.J. & Johns, S.E. (Eds.), pp.102-130. Understanding Cultural Transmission in Anthropology: A Critical Synthesis. Berghahn: New York/Oxford. PDF

Lycett, S.J. & von Cramon-Taubadel, N. (2013). Understanding the comparative catarrhine context of human pelvic form: a 3D geometric morphometric analysis. Journal of Human Evolution 64 (4): 300-310. Link  PDF 

Lycett, S.J. & Eren, M.I. (2013). Levallois economics: an examination of ‘waste’ production in experimentally produced Levallois reduction sequences. Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (5): 2384-2392. Link  PDF 

Lycett, S.J. & von Cramon-Taubadel, N. (2013). A 3D morphometric analysis of surface geometry in Levallois cores: Patterns of stability and variability across regions and their implications. Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (3): 1508-1517.  Link  PDF 

Betti, L., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Manica, A. & Lycett, S.J. (2013). Global geometric morphometric analyses of the human pelvis reveal substantial neutral population history effects, even across sexes. PLoS ONE 8 (2)/e55909: 1-10.  Link   PDF

  • 2012

Betti, L., von Cramon-Taubadel, N. & Lycett, S.J. (2012). Human pelvis and long bones reveal differential preservation of ancient population history and migration out of Africa.  Human Biology 84 (2): 139-152.  PDF

Eren, M.I. & Lycett, S.J. (2012). Why Levallois? A morphometric comparison of experimental 'preferential' Levallois flakes versus debitage flakes. PLoS ONE  7 (1)/e29273: 1-10.  Link   PDF 

Eriksson, A., Betti, L., Friend, A.D., Lycett, S.J., Singarayer, J.S., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Valdes, P.J., Balloux, F., Manica, A. (2012). Late Pleistocene climate change and the global expansion of anatomically modern humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109 (40): 16089-16094. Link 

Kempe, M., Lycett, S.J. & Mesoudi, A. (2012). An experimental test of the accumulated copying error model of cultural mutation for Acheulean handaxe size. PLoS ONE  7 (11)/e48333: 1-7. Link  PDF 

Wang, W., Lycett, S.J., von Cramon-Taubadel, N., Jin, J.J.H., Bae, C.J. (2012). Comparison of handaxes from Bose Basin (China) and the western Acheulean indicates convergence of form, not cognitive differences. PLoS ONE  7 (4)/e35804: 1-7.  Link   PDF 

  • 2011

Lycett, S.J. (2011).  “Most beautiful and most wonderful”: those endless stone tool forms.  Journal of Evolutionary Psychology 9 (2): 143-171.  Link   PDF

Lycett, S.J., Collard, M. & McGrew, W.C. (2011). Correlations between genetic and behavioural dissimilarities in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) do not undermine the case for culture. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: 278 (1715): 2091-2093.

Eren, M.I. Lycett, S.J., Roos, C.I, Sampson, C.G. (2011). Toolstone constraints on knapping skill: Levallois reduction with two different rock types. Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (10): 2731-2739. Link   PDF

Key, A.J.M. & Lycett, S.J. (2011). Technology based evolution? A biometric test of the effects of handsize versus tool form on efficiency in an experimental cutting task. Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (7): 1663-1670.  Link   PDF 

  • 2010
Lycett, S.J. & Bae, C.J. (2010). The Movius Line controversy: the state of the debate. World Archaeology 42 (4):  521-544.   Link   PDF
Lycett, S.J. & Norton, C.J. (2010). A demographic model for Palaeolithic technological evolution: the case of East Asia and the Movius Line. Quaternary International 211 (1): 55-65.  Link   PDF
Lycett, S.J., Collard, M. & McGrew, W.C. (2010). Are behavioral differences among wild chimpanzee communities genetic or cultural? An assessment using tool-use data and phylogenetic methods. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 142 (3): 461-467.  Link   PDF
Lycett, S.J., von Cramon-Taubadel, N. & Gowlett, J.A.J. (2010). A comparative 3D geometric morphometric analysis of Victoria West cores: implications for the origins of Levallois technology. Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (5): 1110-1117.   Link    PDF
Lycett, S.J. (2010). The importance of history in definitions of 'culture': implications from phylogenetic approaches to the study of social learning in chimpanzees. Learning & Behavior 38 (3): 252-264. Link  PDF

Lycett, S.J. (2010). Cultural transmission, genetic models, and lithic variability: integrative analytical approaches. In, New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Palaeolithic Technologies (Edited by Stephen J. Lycett & Parth R. Chauhan), pp.207–234. Springer: New York.


Lycett, S.J. & Chauhan, P.R. (2010). Analytical approaches to Palaeolithic technologies: An introduction. In, New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Palaeolithic Technologies (Edited by Stephen J. Lycett & Parth R. Chauhan) pp.1–22. Springer: New York. Link

  • 2009

Lycett, S.J. (2009). Understanding ancient hominin dispersals using artefactual data: a phylogeographic analysis of Acheulean handaxes. PLoS ONE 4 (10)/e7404: 1–6. PDF

Lycett, S.J. (2009). Are Victoria West cores 'proto-Levallois'? A phylogenetic assessment. Journal of Human Evolution 56 (2): 175–191.  Link  PDF  
Lycett, S.J., Collard, M. & McGrew, W.C. (2009). Cladistic analyses of behavioral variation in wild Pan troglodytes: exploring the chimpanzee culture hypothesis. Journal of Human Evolution 57 (4): 337–349. PDF  
Lycett, S.J. (2009). Quantifying transitions: morphometric approaches to Palaeolithic variability and technological change. In, Sourcebook of Palaeolithic Transitions: Methods, Theories, and Interpretations (Edited by Marta Camps & Parth R. Chauhan), pp.79–92. New York: Springer.  Link   PDF 
Collard, M. & Lycett, S.J. (2009). An assessment of the likely impact of strain-related phenotypic plasticity on hominin fossil species identification. South African Journal of Science 105 (7/8): 312–316. Link

Mesoudi, A. & Lycett, S.J. (2009). Random copying, frequency-dependent copying and culture change. Evolution and Human Behaviour 30 (1): 41–48. Link  PDF 

  • 2008

Lycett, S.J. (2008). Acheulean variation and selection: does handaxe symmetry fit neutral expectations? Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (9): 2640–2648.  Link  PDF  

Lycett, S.J. & Gowlett, J.A.J. (2008). On questions surrounding the Acheulean 'tradition'. World Archaeology 40 (3): 295–315. Link  PDF 

Lycett, S.J. & von Cramon-Taubadel, N. (2008). Acheulean variability and hominin dispersals: a model-bound approach. Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (3): 553–562. Link  PDF

Collard, M. & Lycett, S.J. (2008). Does phenotypic plasticity confound attempts to identify hominin fossil species? An assessment using extant Old World monkey craniodental data. Folia Primatologica 79 (3): 111–122.  Link

von Cramon-Taubadel & Lycett, S.J. (2008). Human cranial variation fits iterative founder effect model with African origin. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 136 (1): 108–113. Link   PDF 

  • 2007
Lycett, S.J., Collard, M. & McGrew, W.C. (2007) Phylogenetic analyses of behavior support existence of culture among wild chimpanzees. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 17588–17592.   Link   PDF    Commentary  (Prof. A.Whiten) 

Lycett, S.J. (2007). Why is there a lack of Mode 3 Levallois technologies in East Asia? A phylogenetic test of the Movius-Schick hypothesis. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 26 (4): 541–575. Link   PDF  

Lycett, S.J. (2007). Is the Soanian techno-complex a Mode 1 or Mode 3 phenomenon? A morphometric assessment. Journal of Archaeological Science 34 (9): 1434-1440.    Link   PDF  

  • 2006

Lycett, S.J., von Cramon-Taubadel, N. & Foley, R.A. (2006). A crossbeam co-ordinate caliper for the morphometric analysis of lithic nuclei: a description, test and empirical examples of application. Journal of Archaeological Science 33 (6): 847-861.  Link  PDF  

  • 2005

Lycett, S.J. & Collard, M. (2005). Do homoiologies impede phylogenetic analyses of the fossil hominids? An assessment based on extant papionin craniodental morphology. Journal of Human Evolution 49 (5): 618-642.  Link  PDF  


Short papers, comments, book reviews, etc.

Lycett, S.J. (2014). Invited review of L. Malafouris "How Things Shape the Mind: A Theory of Material Engagement", MIT Press. American Antiquity 79 (2): 371-372. PDF

O’Brien, M.J. & Lycett, S.J. (2014). Comment on "An evolutionary developmental approach to cultural evolution" by Andersson et al. Current Anthropology 55 (2): 167. PDF

Lycett, S.J. (2013). Review of R.W. Shumaker, K.R. Walkup & B.B. Beck’s (2011) "Animal Tool Behavior: The Use and Manufacture of Tools by Animals (Revised and Updated Edition)". Lithic Technology, 38 (1): 73-76. PDF
Lycett, S.J.  Topic editor: (2011-present). Blackwell Encyclopedia of Human Evolution (Edited by Bernard Wood). New York: Blackwell. (Online edition).
Lycett, S.J. (2011). Review of M.J O'Brien & S. Shennan (Eds.) “Innovation in Cultural Systems: Contributions from Evolutionary Anthropology” (2010, MIT Press). Quarterly Review of Biology 86 (2): 138.
Norton, C.J. & Lycett, S.J. (2010). The Movius Line. Yearbook of Science and Technology. New York: McGraw Hill.  Link
Lycett, S.J. (2009). Review of S. Shennan’s “Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution” (2009, University of California Press). PaleoAnthropology: 2009: 263-265.

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Collard, M. & Lycett, S.J. (2005). Comment on Reno et al. "Plio-Pleistocene hominid limb proportions: evolutionary reversals or estimation errors?" Current Anthropology 46 (4): 581-582.
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