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B.A. Hons., M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Anthropology
 Email: sjlycett[AT]buffalo.edu

Evolutionary Anthropology; Archaeology; Cultural transmission and cultural evolution; social learning; material culture; Human evolution; Cultural variation on the post-contact Great Plains; Anthropological Archaeology; Physical anthropology;  archaeological method and theory; morphometrics; Palaeoanthropology;  Palaeolithic archaeology; evolutionary approaches to the archaeological record; chimpanzee culture; lithics; hominin behaviour and cognition; primate morphological variation and phylogeny; quantitative approaches to archaeology; hominin dispersals

; experimental archaeology; flintknapping; experimental flintknapping; stone tools morphometrics; cladistics lycett lithics phylogenetics lithics ; stone tools cultural evolution; stone tools cultural transmission (lithic morphometrics; lithics morphometrics; hominin cognition; handaxes morphometrics; handaxe morphometrics; Acheulean social transmission handaxes hominin cultural evolution) lycett lithics lithics archaeological morphometrics archaeology morphometrics artifact morphometrics


 Stephen Lycett