This is the research-based website of Steve Lewis -
Internet search name: sjlewis55

I originally had two websites, this and another - both called ~sjlewis - where I kept a repository of some of my academic work and a sub-site relating to evolutionary (Darwinian) medicine. The two were meant to complement each other with this site containing material of a more personal, perhaps even esoteric, nature and material (including research-related) which was likely to change more often.

However, with a reorganization of the institutional website where my other work was kept, I found that all that work vanished. While I am trying to have links to this work re-established, I also took the experience of its virtual demise to move my main operations to this site.

For more about this site and me - See: Raisons d'être



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Dead Link:

  • ~sjlewis (Chester) {Broken} - My Original Website

If you are trying to find anything that used to be on that website it is now here. Please visit: My redirection page.