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Sunday Morning Adult Bible Studies

We live in an age where many people know “about” the Bible, but very little about what’s in the Bible itself!  This leads to all kinds of divisions, interpretations, and ideas about God’s Plan and Purpose for us.  This is not what our Lord intends.  We believe the Holy Scriptures to be just that…holy, written by the Holy Spirit through men, but saying exactly what He wanted to say, exactly as He meant to say it.  It is a means by which God delivers to us His grace, and also how we now shall live as His beloved Children.  

Every week before the Divine Service at 9:00 am, the adults meet in our fellowship hall to enjoy some friendly conversation over coffee and treats, and then gather to study this Blessed Word to grow in their faith and love.  We have studied through some of the Books themselves, but also have topical studies as well from time to time on a host of interesting, relative subjects.