Some fairly random links to people/groups who do research related to mine/which I find interesting...I'll tidy it up at some point. 

This talk was held at LSE on 10 October 2011, on Extended Selves.  It discusses lots of ideas I'm interested in (implications of extended mind for assessing students), although I mostly disagree with the latter part.

These projects and researchers are related to my interests in Ed Tech

 Karen Littleton People Profile - The Faculty of Education and Language Studies - The Open University Language & Learning in education contexts    
 Denise Whitelock - Institute of Educational Technology: The Open University Electronic resources to assist students in learning  
 14-19 Deep Learning project Bristol University The focus of this project was the question: What knowledge and skills do learners need in order to be effective deep learners now and in the future?    
 Gerry Stahl's websiteResearcher in collaboration and technology; uses a situative approach to cognition (and has a background in philosophy)

Dr AJ Davis - Durham University - research on philosophy of education and assessment
Michael Tscholl « CARET Website

Ruth Kershner | Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Sara Hennessy | Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
David Perkins
Project Zero Principal Investigators
Carl Bereiter
Gwo-Jen Hwang 
HDAP :: Earl Woodruff Associate Chair :: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Organisations & Groups doing interesting research
International Society for Technology in Education

Ultralab: summary —
World Internet Project

ScienceDirect - Computers & Education, Volume 53, Issue 2, Pages 201-540 (September 2009)
London Knowledge Lab - MPhil/PhD
Welcome to Knowledge Forum

Educational Informatics
Education 3.0 |
Education/Overview - MozillaWiki
Accessibility/Strategy - MozillaWiki
Some funding places:
Deeper Learning Grantseekers | Hewlett Foundation
Areas of focus | Nominet Trust
HP Global Social Innovation
        University awards - Google Research