S. J. Feader Ornamental Concrete 

628 Pine Grove Rd

Pine Grove Nova Scotia

B4v 7Z8

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Concrete Ornaments and Victorian Gazing Globes

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We carry a large selection of concrete garden ornaments and Victorian Gazing Globes. The selection includes fountains, bird baths, statues, tables, benches, animals, gnomes, angels, religious items, and a lot more.

It is all made locally of strong concrete and will last for years with proper care. Usually a sealer is all that is needed. Any item that holds water will need to be covered or tipped over for winter. A small selection of items are painted.

Our globes are 10 and 12 inch and come in a variety of colors. Blue, red, green, purple, gold, silver. These are made of hand blown glass and are made in the US.

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