Postcards are a great way to let someone know that someone out there cares.  
The troops in Iraq & Afghanistan love recieving items from home and the like these since they can stick it in a pocket and carry them with them.   Others such as those listed can also benefit from your thoughtfulness,  they can brighten someone's day and they make great bookmarks.  
They are also just small works of art, check out these sites for inspiration Art2mail and Postmark'd Art
from Red Shoe Ramblings
There are groups of quilters who are using these as SWAPS... see GS aren't the only ones who do it!  Check out what Judie Bellingham has been up to.

The Spirit of America Panels
These are the panels that were included in the package handed out at the Patchwork Promise Table at the GS Open House on Sept 11, 2010.   The pictures cut out of the panel need to have a 1/4 in seam allowance all around, you will not be able to use all the pictures on the panel, so pick your favorites. 
The supplies you will need are:
  • fabric scraps
  • scissors and/or rotary cutter & mat
  • batting (thin cotton batting is recomended)
  • plain muslin
  • thread & needles
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • sharpie pen
Postcard final dimensions need to be a maximum of 4 in x 7 in.
Once the front of the postcard is done you will need to match it up with a 4 x 7 rectangle of batting and one of plain muslin.  These 3 layers are then sewn together.  This can be done by sewing a decorative pattern across the postcard, or by just outlining the pieces sewn together.  The outer  edge casn be zig-zagged, serged, have a decorative edge or whipstitched
The last thing to do is to write a short note on the back and sign it, first names only!
The postcards can be sent to :
  • any relatives or friends serving in the Armed Forces
  • included in any care packages sent such as those sent by Cypress Cares and numerous other local groups ??? Please check with any group you are aware of and let us know if their interested.
  • Penny's Postcard Posse - c/o Diane Malaznik, 14215 Westmore St. Livonia, MI 48154-4149 and they will be included in their shipment overseas.                                                                                                 
Here are some sites that have some great ideas and some with tutorials.
  • WSU Extension 4H Youth Development - postcard tutorial 
  • NeedledMom - Postcards are a really fun, small project to work on and  everyone can enjoy the process.
  • Red Shoe Ramblings - How To Make A Fabric Postcard DebR Style
  • Quilt Block Library - if your interested in making postcards using some traditional and some not so traditional patterns here are 28 patterns for 3 in x 5 in postcards.  You have to register at the site to download, but it's free.
  • NeedlePointers - Fabric postcards are fun to make. You can try new patterns, techniques and color combinations without committing to a large project. You can use all those little scraps of your favorite fabrics and trim. Best of all they go through the US mail with a 41-cent stamp and will delight your friends.
  • ARBeeDesigns - Textile Postcards are really easy to make and a quick way to tell someone your tinking of them.
  • The Irish Patchwork Society is having a Postcard Exhibition, check out their instructions.
  • Fabric Postcard Dream Catchers at Postmark'd Art.  There are many other tutorials for a wide variety of mediums, fabric, paint, thread and dryer lint!
  • The Finishing Touch
There are are many techniques for finishing the edges of your postcards.  Once you have completed your mini masterpiece here are some options to finish the edge...