Service Project Opportunities

There are so many possible applications of the skills learned, here are a few ideas.   Also check out the Challenges, most are also service project opportunities. 
Currently there are several groups & organizations collecting quilts/blankets and pillowcases for those displaced by the fires here in Texas.  Please contact Tracy DVR about where to send them... THANK YOU. 
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Make quilted postcards for:

  • Our Soldiers overseas, or at the VA Hospitals, or anyone in active duty using the Spirit if America panels from the GS Open House or any fabric you have.
    • Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center 2002 Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77030.  Contact the Voluntary Service Office (Room 2A-104), Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at (713) 794-7135 or  to arrange for acceptance of your donation. Check out guidelines for giving.
    • Penny's Poscard Posse - there are links to patterns and a tutorial video.
  • Meals on Wheels recipiants,
  • Hospice Programs,
  • Nursing Homes   
  • Hospital patients
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
These are just a short list of places that would welcome your items.  Please consider making these for someone out there!
For more information, patterns & turorials go to subpage

Make small quilts:
These are 36” square quilts or 38” x 45” crib/lap quilts for:
  • Women & Children Shelters
  • Children's Wards & Hospitals
  • Hospice Programs
  • Nursing Homes   
  • Hospital patients confined to wheelchairs
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
see baby items for more info & links

Make something to share and to show you care:
Cancer Patient Comfort        
  •  Since February 2002, Girl Scouts of  San Jacinto Council have made and delivered thousands of beautiful heart shaped pillows for breast cancer and other hospital patients. These simple heart-shaped pillows provide immeasurable comfort, both physically and emotionally.  (WE ARE COLLECTING UNSTUFFED PILLOWS FOR THE QUILT FESTIVAL & GS NATIONAL CONVNTION, please get them to Melinda Gaskill at the GS Center)
  • American Sewing Guild member, Sew News contributor and K-12 art teacher, Deon Maas, created the Anti-Ouch Pouch while recovering from a mastectomy. Maas designed the wedge-shaped  pillow to ease the painful area under her arm, replacing the small pillow that she had been using. The wedge shape gently holds the arm away from the body while the adjustable strap holds the pillow in place without having to use sore arm muscles to “clutch” it. An opening in the pouch also lets the user adjust the amount of fiberfill for maximum omfort.                                                                                                     

  • Smocks for Life is a Katy based group that provide colorful, soft, cheerful smocks to cancer patients for comfort and dignity during treatment.  They work with Houston area doctor's offices and hospitals.  A cheerful and comfortable garment can keep a patient's outlook positive.  The group meets the first Tuesday of the month, starting at 6:30 p.m. at St. Peter's United Methodist Church in Asbury Hall located on Kingsland Blvd. across from Katy Taylor High School. Using patterns, the group cuts donated fabric into adult size smocks.  These kits are then picked up by volunteers, sewn, and returned for distribution, or you can give to someone you know in need of one.
  • Breast Cancer Bags for drainage bottles associated with mastectomies and other surgeries, from a quilting group in New Zealand. This bag pattern provided  is a one-size-fits-all, with an adjustable strap, so that it can be worn over the shoulder or diagonally across the body. It is very easy to make, and will make such adifference to each woman who receives one in that it will help with her getting around after her surgery, and show that someone else cares enough to make a bag especially for her.  
    Here are some additional suggestions associated with these bags
    • Pat from the USA was also given a shower bag when she left hospital.  Made from a quick dry nylon (like the basketball shirt fabric, or with holes in it) she said it was great for showering with - she just transferred the bottles and  then put them back into her dry fabric bag when she was done.  We think this is great, and please do think about making some of these bags too - they won't need to be lined and should be really quick to put together.
    • Another idea from Toni was to use the lined (thermal backed) curtain fabric.  This would not only be strong, and alleviate any staining that may opccur from leaks, but would eliminate the need for lining the bag, and would be perhaps easier to wash as well.
    •  The other feedback from a couple of the Breast Care Nurses we have spoken with is to remember that it's not just women who have this surgery.  Men get breast cancer too, and there are several hundred in Australia that also have this type of surgery each year, so please put in some more "blokey" bags that we can spread around the hospitals too.
    Operation Care Package - is a non-profit organization that receives, fills and mails drawstring bags to deployed service men and women from all branches of the armed forces. The drawstring bag pattern for this project was designed by Laura Martell of The Creative Thimble. The 14” drawstring bag holds a filled gallon baggie. The troops use the bags for personal use and some pass them on to the children in Iraq. When finished send to Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox Street, Joliet, IL 60435, or contact webmaster about including them in the LOEN Cares Care Packages shipped from West Houston.
    Cool Neckties - For military personnel, the homeless, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts.  This fabric band is filled with granules that absorb water and keep your neck, and therefore your body, much cooler!
    Little Dresses for Africa - simple dresses are made out of pillowcases & distributed through the orphanages in Central Africa.  Boy's shorts up to size 8/10 are also needed.
    National Tie One On Day - The concept is simple, on the day before Thanksgiving, you are encouraged to wrap a loaf of bread in an apron (or other linen), write a kind word, and deliver this gift to a person who could use the encouragement.  
    It's My Heart-Masks - Masks are for babies up to young adults who must wear a mask due to compromised immune systems.  The requirement are that you use 100% cotton,  and use “kid friendly” fabrics.  Please keep in mind these mask are for sick children and it is not a fun experience for them to have to wear a mask. Their goal is to make the experience as fun and pleasant as it can be by using colorful, soft fabrics. 
    iCare - Intensive Care for the Spirit - In response to a need for pajamas designed to meet the special needs of hospital patients, the American Sewing Guild, Inc. and Wild Ginger Software, Inc. teamed up to provide a free program for drafting custom and standard sized sewing patterns for gown, pajamas and accessories for patient medical care. 
    The special iCare downloadable patterns includes sizes for men, woman and children, making it suitable for a variety of health-care related charitable sewing projects. The downloadable program is free to anyone who wishes to sew garments for non-profit and charitable purposes.
    Walker & Wheelchair Totes - There are many patterns out there, here sre links to those we have found so far.
    Sick Kid Activity Apron - Vintage pattern from

    Make pillowcases for:
    • a child in a shelter,
    • a cancer patient,
    • a soldier,
    • a hospitalized child, possible locations
      • MD Anderson's Children's Cancer Hospital
      • Texas Children's Hospital
      • Children's Hospital @ Memorial Hermann
    • a hospital patient, 
    • a foster child,
    • a battered woman,
    • a nursing home resident
    • a child, a friend,
    • a relative.
    For more information, patterns & turorials go to subpage.


    Make lap quilts, throws & quilts for:

    The mission of the QOV Foundation is to cover ALL war wounded and injured service members and veterans from the War on Terror whether physical or psychological wounds with Wartime quilts called Quilts of Valor. This foundation is not about politics. It’s about people.

    • Local Nursing Homes The Quilter's Emporium in Stafford,  sponsors an annual gift bag drive -"Each year we try to provide a gift bag to each of the residents of some area nursing homes.  We are asking for our customers to help us by purchasing some of the items on the list below and bring them to the shop for distribution.  Please help us cheer up some "seasoned" citizens during the holidays.  Many of these folks have outlived their families and friends or are just plain forgotten.  There is always so much that can be done to spread joy. 


      Men - Small clock radio with large numerals, new cotton handkerchiefs, US flag lapel pins, small manicure kits, new socks, tubes of hand cream or lotion, lightly scented cologne or after shave, tie, magnifying glass, large text books, book of crossword puzzles or word searches, lap blanket/quilt to throw over their legs while in their wheelchairs (approximately 36" x 50"), picture frame, baseball-type cap, battery operated wall clock, night light, simple craft project, wheel chair pocket bags


      Women - Small clock radio with large numerals, new cotton handkerchiefs, small packs of tissues, brush and/or comb, US flag or angel pin, small manicure kits, tubes of lightly scented hand cream and/or soaps, socks with non-skid rubber dots, large text books, silky-type scarf, lap blanket/quilt to throw over their legs while in their wheelchairs (approximately 36" x 50"), nice shower cap, picture frame, doily, hair accessories (barrettes, covered hair bands, etc), battery operated wall clock, night light, Red Hat items, simple craft project, wheel chair pocket bags


      Over the past 5 years,they have been able to provide gift bags to the nursing homes in Hillje, El Campo, Needville, Wharton, Rosenberg, Sealy and Ganado.


      This is a great project for girl and boy scouts, school clubs, etc.  We appreciate your assistance!  These gifts mean so much to these people. 


      All gift items must be new and turned in by the first week of December so that they can box them all up for the facilities' holiday open houses."

    • Quilter's Emporium 11925 Southwest Freeway, Suite 11 Stafford, TX 77477 281.491.0016 / 800.395.7794   Open 7 days a week        Mon-Sat 10-5, Thurs 10-6, & Sun 12-4
    Quilts for Kids
    Consuelo Suarez & Shirley Whitley, , 281-256-3550

    Quiltworks -

     Our 4 legged friends:
    US Military K-9 Fund - our military working dogs who risk their lives every day to protect our troops. They are the unsung heroes. Since WWI dogs have served with courage and honor. We have more of them now than ever before, and they - like our men and women - need Care Packages from home. Not only does it boost morale, it keeps them healthier and more able to do their job.  Stay tuned for more info.