Guilds, Shops & Blogs

  • Patchwork atelier Van Volden Brugge - Quilt Guild in Bruges
  • Quilt Shops in Belgium - Map & links to the 47 shops
  • Syko - a blog in english by Kajsa in Helsinki, she has also designed a line of fabric
  • Rovaris - Cross Stitch might waned in some areas over the past few years, it is very much alive and well in Europe.
  • Quilt Shops in Italy - Map & links to the 57 shops
  • Welcome in Denise's Room - a avid crafter's blog, the link is translated into english, to view the original in italian click on Originale button on top right.
  • Quilt Shops in Luxembourg - Map & links to the 10 shops
  • Quilt Shops in Norway - Map & links to the 57 shops
  • Lappedesign - quilt shop - check out their gallery
  • Kameleon Quilts the signature quilt design is one which can change it's looks by buttoning the three-dimensional flaps in different directions and in different combinations
  • Mrs. Moen blog - it's in English w/ lots of ideas, mixed media and recycled fabric uses.
  • Projektownia Jednoiglec - Juliana's Project Town blog, she's had projects on Moda's Bakeshop and Amy's Creative Side. Her blog is in Polish & English!
  • Quilt shops in Switzerland - Map & links to the 53 shops
The Netherlands/Holland
  • Quilt Shops in The Netherlands Map & links to the 121 shops
  • Birdblocks - Quiltshop in Amsterdam
  • Den Haan & Wagenmakers BV a shop in Amsterdam - specialized in Dutch reproduction fabric for patchwork & home furnishing.
  • Quiltmutsen - Quilt Guild in Blijham
  • Textile Museum in Tilburg - there is also a textile Lab within the Museum where designers can see their ideas come to life.
  • Stof genoeg - Anneke's blog that is both dutch & english, You Tube tutorials and lots of examples of her designs from EQ7, a quilting design software.
  • - This site has a free software program called Quilt Assistant that allows you to create a quilt block from a photo.
  • An Moonen is an Independent Antique Textile Historian residing in Westervoort, The Netherlands. She has established a website to share her specific knowledge amongst textile enthusiasts worldwide
United Kingdom/England/Scotland/Northern Ireland

Down Under
Patchwork has been around in Australia for more than 40,000 years. The Aboriginals made patchwork cloaks from animal skins. The first documented traditional patchwork was that made by the female convicts sent out in the transports from England in the latter part of the 1700s, read more here.
  • Better Homes & Garden - Grandmother's Garden Quilt
  • Canberra Quilters Inc. - a Quilt Guild in the Australian Capital Territory- Canberra
  • Hugs from Helen - is the blog side of this busy mom's business, she also operates Hugs 'n Kisses a pattern business and Pattern Press a publishing and distribution wing, producing patterns for other wonderful Australian and Overseas designers for the market.
  • The Quilters Guild of NSW - a Quilt Guild in New South Wales-Sydney
  • Patchy Friends - a Quilt Guild Queensland-Burleigh Waters
  • Roxby Scrapbaggers Quilting Group - a Quilt Guild South Australia - Roxby Downs
  • The Queensland Quilters - their annual quilt show pages showcase the winners.
New Zealand
  • fionamarie - a patterns & pieces store, for the past few years she's sponsored The Great Global Christmas Swap check it out.
  • Canterbury Patchwork and Quilting Guild - in Christchurch
  • Picton Quilters - a Quilt Guild in Picton
  • Kapiti Coast Quilters - a Quilt Guild in Waikanae
South America

  • Thursday Girls - a Quilt Guild in Hong Kong
  •  Garam Masala Quilters - a Quilt Guild in Delhi
  • Bangkok Quilt Group - a Quilt Guild in Bangkok
  • Thai Quilt Group- a Quilt Guild in Nonthaburi

South Africa
  • Sugarbush - a Quilt Guild in Gauteng - Johannesburg
  • Scrappy Angels - a Quilt Guild in Gauteng - Libradene Boksburg
  • Part Time Quilters- a Quilt Guild in Gauteng - Roodepoort
  • Hibiscus Quilters Guild - a Quilt Guild in KwaZulu-Natal - Margate
  • Outeniqua Quilter's Guild - a Quilt Guild in Western Cape - George
  • Karen's Quilts is a blog by a blogger in Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tambani is a quilting and embroidering initiative to set a group of disadvantaged rural African women on a path of self-actualization and economic empowerment.

Middle East
  • Jerusalem Notes: Fiberwork by Debbie - Debbie's blog is a great resource she is an avid crafter/quilter. Lots of embroidery stitches as she participates in the Try A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) group.
  • Q8Quilters - a Quilt Guild in Kuwait City
  • Qatar Quilter's Guild - a Quilt Guild in Doha, Al Jazi Compund