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Tools & Supplies

AccuQuilt - a die cutter for fabric, it's way cool and AccuQuilt has donated a Studio Cutter, Dies & other essentials to the Program.
Electric Quilt - quilt design software that allows you to use existing blocks in the library or design your own and combine the blocks into a quilt of your own.  You can audition colors or even fabric swatches before even making your first cut.  You can also printout templates for piecing or applique. 
Fabric Calculator - let it figure how much fabric you need, many of the on-line fabric shops have them on their website.  There is also one that you can purchase and carry with you like a regular calculator
Graph Paper- you can print of paper to design blocks or quilts as well as grids to use in English Paper Piecing.
  • incompetech - pdf format - squares, triangle & hexagonal, circular & polar, brick, asymetric & specialty.
Quilt Assistant - Free software for designing quilt blocks based on photos and drawing pieced quilt blocks with ease.
 Quilt Diary - this is one of the best ways to preserve your quilting history and the sooner you start, the better. The diary allows you to record what pattern, what material was used and all the details we tend to forget over time. A quilt sheet from Quilting Passion or you can download a setup for a Quilt Memories Journal from HP or you can create your own following the suggestion listed at
Sewing Machine - this will be your single largest investment and your best friend.  You don't need all the fancy stiches and one that embroiders, sure they are cool, but 99% of the time you will only be  using a straight stich or the zig-zag.  If you take care of it, it will last along time.  Most sewers I know still use their first machine.  Some even collect and use antique sewing machines, those with hand cranks or treadles.
Here the basic parts of a sewing machine are identified.
Clothing Repair and How To website has great step by step instructions and tips.
 How to buy your first sewing machine is an informative series on
Sewing machine needles wear out quicky and can easily break if used incorrectly, check out this explaination  
Basic Sewing Supplies (BSS) - this is a list of the basics you need to have on-hand for most sewing classes.  This is from the Internation Quilt Festival FAQ list.
  • Insul Bright is the thing to use if making a bottle carrier. lunch bag or anyhing else you want to keep things cold or hot -Insul~Brights® hollow fibers resist conduction while the reflective metalized poly film resists radiant energy. The energy is reflected back to its source keeping food nice and chilled or warm.
  • Selecting a Thread value: "If you're having difficulty deciding on thread value when your quilt top has lights, mediums, and darks in it, split the difference. Look at the lightest fabric in the quilt and then the darkest fabric. Select a thread that is neutral in hue but that is halfway between the lightest and darkest fabrics in value. If you go too light, the quilted areas with the dark fabrics may visually pop, while a thread that is too dark may appear black on the lightest fabrics. If in doubt, try the lighter value."  from