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Go Green-Recycle

There will be many opportunities to do your part.  Remember this is where quilting started, using worn out clothing pieced together to take on new life as a blanket.  In the "Victorian" Era dress making scraps were used to create Crazy Quilts, in the 1930's feed sacks were used.  Do you have a favorite piece of clothing you can't bear to part with?  Maybe you can incorporate it into your quilt.  Another idea is to hit the Garage Sales & Thrift Stores, you should be looking for color & interesting patterns, if you get something other than 100 % cotton you may need to add a stabilizer to the back, but otherwise its all fabric . 
Here are some tips on how to score at the Thrift store. also has a guideline on unconventional fabric resources that you can check out. 
one thing you have to think about when you re-cycle fabric from old clothes is to know what they are made up of cotton, polyester, silk etc.  Here is an easy way to detrmine what you've got if there are no legible tags.

Have a bunch of "scraps" left over??  You'd be surprised what all you can do with those bits & pieces, here are some ideas:


Here are some ideas to get you started
  • T-shirt Quilt - use all those t-shirts you've got stashed away, here's one I made for my parents in Albuquerque, NM.  They belong to the UNM Lobo Club.  You could include material from a worn-out or out-grown school uniforms as well.             
  • Denim Quilt - use all those jeans the kids have out grown or torn up, here's an example at
  • denimblanket_800
  • Scrappy Quilt - use old clothes, old family favorites, Dad's & Grandpa's Ties
  • Smokey Mountain Stars!  A scattering of rustic stars using thrift shop shirts from Quiltville, aka Bonnie Hunter's website.

  • Vintage Sheets Quilt- use old sheets pieced for top here's a tutorial on one use old sheets pieced for top here's a tutorial on one  
NOTE:  When using knits, silks or any other thin or stretchable fabrics you need to add a stabilizer (I've used Pellon's ?????) or starch to help it hold it's shape.
Old blankets that are in good shape can be used as batting in some cases
Here are some examples of recycling fabric:
  • Check out the 2009 National Sewing Month Contest enties. Everything from old clothes to Capri Sun Drink Bags.
  • T-Shirts
    • Happy Together has shirt remakes that are awesome, check them out here.

Other ReUse ReMix ReDeaux ideas are:
If you have some other ideas PLEASE share them with us here.