The links listed here are just a few that I have come across that I thought may be helpful.  Please search for something you realy like and with instructions you understand.  If you google any of the items you will get thousands of hits.  Also check out the Pinterest boards I've set-up.
That Patchwork Place has a free How to Quilt Guide that is easy to follow, check it out. 

  •  In Color Order blog has a Log Cabin Coaster tutorial.
  • Craft Snob blog's Fair and Square Patchwork Coasters, about half way down the page.  Be sure to check out the sewing tips at the begining.
  • Hourglass Coasters  as shown here from.... can be sewn by hand or by machine.  Pink Penguin has a tutorial for the block as part of a scrappy quilt.
  • Sew Daily has a free ebook that includes these apple coasters designed by Ayumi Takahashi.  You do have to sign up on the website for it though.  

Mug Rugs
  • Tipnut has 30+ mug rug tutorials
  • Two More Seconds blog has hosted 2 Mug Rug Madness Events, both lasting 10 days with tips & tutorials at various blogs. The 1st was held in March 2011, and the 2nd in Sept. 2011, with a holiday theme.
  • Smashed Peas & Carrots blog's squared tutorial
  • Sew WE Quilt has a variety of tutorials and cute examples from various bloggers.  Here is a mug rug w/ a pocket for a tea bag.
  • The Sew Happy Geek blog from the UK has lots of tutorials to choose from.
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