Women & Social Issues Literature

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Assignment & Handouts 


<1st & 2nd & 3rd Quarter

Book in hand 3/31

Read-a-Round (see class sign ups)

About Words: 4 articles by 5/7 

Dance Mama  Dance 3/31

Timely Advice 4/2

1st 80 pages 4/4

Character & Theme Analysis 4/4

"____ Who" 4/7

Letter 4/9 

News Article 4/10

Manifesto 4/10

1/2 book & Table of Contents RD 4/10












    Analyzing Literature through Creative Expression--THE SCRAPBOOK

    Students will each select a text and create a scrapbook with poems, letters, stories, artifacts, art and analysis.  The scrapbook will allow students to reveal their understanidng of key issues and the characters through creative expression.  We will be doing daily writing activities and students will have to do a great deal of work at home on their own.  The final product will reflect a month of intensive study and expression.  For a list of titles and more details --Please click on and download  THE FINAL PROJECTStrict deadlines will be followed on this project and must be met for students to pass and graduate. After spring break a detailed calendar of deadlines will be posted and distrbuted to students.  Once the project is completed students will have a film analysis, final essay and an anthology piece in order to finish the term.

    Previous Unit: 


    . Their Eyes Were Watching God tells the story of Janie Crawford and her quest for love.It includes beautiful narration and equally beautiful dialogue. However, the dialogue is written in dialect, for which Hurston received great criticism.  In additiion, the novel includes some racist and offensive language.  For this too Hurston is criticized.  This class is discussing the issue language and power within the novel and our own lives as we study Janie's love journey.  Students will read and journal (click on highlighted to download full assignment). Students will also get a chance to do creative writing on their love journeys.  We will get a chance to read some of Neruda's sonnets and other love poems too. Students will write an in class timed essay at the end of the unit.  They will have several questions to choose from which they will get in advance.  Given our careful work on essay writing, this should be a demonstration of what they have learned about the novel and the essay.Find out more about words and power at The Politics of Language.

    Honors Credit:

    Students can receive Honors credit if they fill out the statement, complete work of exceptional quality, complete four additional smaller assignments ( I have already given out several extra credit articles--written by Zora Neal Hurston, Alice Walker, and James Baldwin), and read and journal or write an essay on one longer extra text.  This term I suggest-- A Long Way Gone , our FHS Reads Book.   

    AP Testing: 

    Students in Women's Literature have been prepared to take the AP Literature Test Thursday May 8 8am. Students who wish to take the test should sign up soon. (I have a booklet or go to the website or see our AP coordinator, Susie Bartley I have practice exams they can take as well. Students in Women's Literature who have chosen to take the test have had the same success rate as those who took  the AP Literature course.