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Assignment & Handouts 


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4th Quarter

(download daily homework) 

3/31 Prewrite for Bean Trees

4/1 Chapter 1 in class

4/3 Journal A due at start

4/4 Chapter 2 and Journal B due

4/4 Journal D in class 

4/7 Chapter 3 and C due at start

4/8 E: Self as character list due

4/8 Chapter 4 & F due 

4/10 Chapter 5 & 6  due- no Q & A!

4/11 H: Writing (turn in on 4/14)

4/15: Chapter 7 & I due

4/17 & 18: Chapter 8 & 9 & I due

4/21: Chapter 10 & K due

4/22: Chapter 11 & L due

4/25 Chapter 12 & 13 &  M due

4/28 Chapter 14 (no Q & A) due

4/29 Chapter 15 & O due 

5/1 Chapter 16 & P due

5/2 Chapter 17 & Q due- book finished! 



 The Bean Trees: We are reading The Bean Trees by Barbara KingsolverWe will use the text to look at the writer's craft, to help us write some pieces of our own, and to provoke discussion on several key issues. We will be looking at the history between Guatemala & the U.S. (POWERPOINT PRESENTATION). We will be reading, writing, and activities throughout the unit and at the end we will be writing a Hero essay and a Literary Essay. We are looking at several "essential questions":

  • How does place influence character?
  • What are the borders in our lives? Is a border good or bad?
  • What is family? Community? 
  • How do we create change? Are there good reasons to break the law?
  • What guides Taylor- dumb luck or good choices?
  •  How does understanding history influence our view of the present?
  • Is Taylor a hero? Who are the heroes in your life?

PREVIOUS LC UNIT: Literature Circles  (click on link for detailed desription) has been co-planned by our student teacher, Neal Barbour, and me.  It will be taught by Mr. Neal Barbour, who is earning his Masters of Arts in Teaching from University of Portland. Students have each chosen a memoir or novel to read as part of a group:  A Long Way Gone, Legacy of Luna, Warriors Don't Cry, Always Running, Fahrenheit 451, 1000 Pieces of Gold. All of these books focus on characters who resist some form of oppression. Some of these books have controversial language, issues, or scenes, but we are discussing them as a class. Before students chose their books we sent letters home to parents to introduce our student teacher from University of Portland, Neal Barbour and to make sure the books students chose honored their families' reading rules. Students are journaling (click to download assignment for their own entries & required prompts) on their books and discussing their books in large and small groups. They will each engage in research around the author or an issue in the book. At the end of the unit, students will present a group multimedia project that includes their individual informative speech work samples.  (Click on Calendar to see full schedule).

Raisin Unit:  We , discussed and wrote on  Raisin in the Sun aloud in class.  We looked at issues of race, gender, politics of language and the politics of beauty.  Students had an in class literary analysis as part of their final.

Writers in the Schools For the rest of the year once a week our students will participate in writing workshop with the published writer Liz Heichelbech, an educator, writer and performing artist. She taught middle school English and creative writing. In addition to producing original monologues and a one-act play, “Little Words,” her short fiction and poetry appeared in the publications Literal Latte, GSU Review, Coffee Times, Genesis and Ploplop. “In Tarsal Percussion,” her chapbook of original poems, was published in 1995. Ms. Heichelbach will lead the students in various writing craft activities and revision. 

Honors Credit: 

  • Do high quality work on all assignments
  • 4 additional smaller assignments
  • Read companion literature (one of the other Lit Circle Books & journal.  For extra credit you can also  blog on the FHS site. If you are not reading the FHS Reads book--A Long Way Gone then you must read that. 
  • Attend one of the Everybody Reads events (see FHS Reads website)

Extra Credit: Read the FHS Reads book (see above) and journal.

Review any book on-line Write a review of any book using the form on line. Submit the paper copy of the review to me and then include the information in a comment on our FHS “Reading the Word & the World” Blog under the Random Reading Suggestions. Make sure to include the information requested. Read the other comments. If someone else has already blogged on the book respond respectfully to their comments, adding some new points and new information and a new quote.  MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL AND YOUR TEACHERS NAME.