Last Quarter: Sophomore Language Arts

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2nd Quarter

1st Quarter 

Course Requirements (parent signature) 

Student Letter to Me (Due 9/11)

Summer Reading Assignment (blog me!)

Meet Poem about self (Read aloud 9/11)

Honors Requirements (Due 9/20)

Read "Briefs" (9/11)

Living Up the Street prewrite (9/11)Living Up the Street reading & journaling schedule  word document    PDF (competed journal due 10/1)
Is Gary a good kid or bad kid? (9/18)Living Up the Street shows us(9/24 & 25)
Living Up the Street essay rough (10/1)
Story chart and rough draft (10/2)
Night Journal and Reading #1  (10/5)
Night Journal & Reading #2   (10/9)

Night reading and journal #3 (10/15)     

Fish Writing (10/15)                        

 Night Journal & Reading #4 (10/16)  

Night essay rough draft    (10/22)

Final Essay on Night or LUTS     (10/29)

Creative Piece to Final Draft    (11/2)

✏ Read companion literature  & journal or blog or draw pictures

An Interrupted Life                    Etty Hillesum

The True Story of Hansel & Gretel             Louise Murphy

Friedrich                        Hans Peter Richter

The Avengers                        Rich Cohen

Maus I & II                        Art Spiegelman

Auschwitz                        Pascal Croci

The Chosen                        Chaim Potok

Briar Rose                        Jane Yolen

Schindler’s List                    Thomas Keneally

Nissei Daughter                    Joy Kogawa 

✏Check out  one of the Holocaust links at our Holocaust Portaportal  or at the Multnomah County Library Homework Center List of Holocaust Megasites and respond to what you learn or analyze a site. Post your response or creative reflection at our Blog under Holocaust Studies.



3rd Quarter

2/4-2/8 State Direct Writing Assessment

2/5 Group Lit Circle Rules & Reading Schedule

2/7 reading due; 1st on own journal 2/8 assigned journal #1:2 quotes & response (in class); 2nd on own journal (keep journaling @ every20 pages-see assignment)

2/11 assigned journal #2: theme writing

2/12 assigned journal #3: how character treated unfairly (in class)

2/14-assigned journal #4: life connection

2/14-EC journal- song that connects to book

2/15-assigned journal #5 power & powerlessness (in class) JOURNALS COLLECTED & BOOK 1/3 DONE

2/19-assigned journal #6-hope & strength (due at start of class) assigned journal #7- trust (in class)

2/22-assigned journal #8: 3 key scenes

2/25-assigned journal #9-narrative

2/25assigned journal #10 risks, sacrifice (in class):

2/26: BOOK DONE!




3/10-11 PRESENTATIONS & SPEECHES & Evals due

3/17-18 State Reading Test #2 & Extra Writing Assignments

If you  already  passed the reading test there will be another mandatory assignment