A perfect job...
“I have employed the talents of Susan Burlingame for a number of writing projects. [On each of them], as with all of her writing, she took a highly professional approach, did the extensive research, and honed the text perfectly (and on time!). I would recommend Susan’s cost-effective and well-developed services to anyone  with challenging writing projects.”
Dick Boak, Director: Museum, Archives, Special Projects, C. F. Martin & Company

An energetic powerhouse...

“Working with Susan is a real delight. She not only 'gets it', but Susan's creative spark transforms our brainstorming sessions into an energetic powerhouse! Susan's ability to sense deep-linked connections between seemingly unlinked issues has more than once saved the day! I recommend Susan to anyone who is looking for great customer-centric copy writing, needs help to distill that big idea, or is on a very tight deadline.”

—Herbert Reininger, Director of Creative Services for Outreach, The Pennsylvania State University

Insightful and sensitive...
"Susan is terrific in so many ways and has been a delight to work with. She very quickly grasped the mission of my office, the purpose of our magazine, and the needs and interests of our very diverse audience. She's an insightful and sensitive interviewer with a gift for crafting articles that convey sometimes complicated information in a clear and compelling way."
—Lisa Davis, Director & Outreach Associate Professor of Health Policy Administration, Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health

An absolute joy to work with...
Susan is a rare find. A great copywriter with that rare ability to find the emotional strings you need to make a true impact. She has worked for me on multiple occasions and not only does a great job, she is an absolute joy to work with. I recommend her without hesitation."
Jeff Erickson, President, Erickson Strategic

Susan is so good at what she does; I don't think she even realizes how naturally gifted she is. As a marketer and communicator myself, I know how hard it is to write effectively, develop a fresh concept, or make someone feel comfortable during an on-camera interview. I truly appreciate what Susan brings to the table, and I love working with her whenever I get the chance.”
—Gina Mazza, Vice President and Director of Marketing, South Hills School of Business & Technology

A real pro...
“It's always a pleasure working with a real pro like Susan. She immediately grasps the requirements of the project and delivers a great product, on time.... She's also fun to work with and just a great all around resource. ”
—Betsy Craz, Director of Advancement Communications, Stony Brook University