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OUMC MiniGuides

Tryfan Overview [227kb]

Grooved Arete [71kb]

Pinnacle Rib [66kb]

Gashed Crag [68kb]

Flying Buttress [60kb]

Lliwedd Overview [45kb]

Horned Crag [71kb]

Avalanche & Red Wall [81kb]

Slanting Buttress [67kb]

Giant's Crawl (Dow) [66kb]

NEW Additions

1 Nov 06   A New Topo has been added for Giant's Crawl on Dow Crag (Coniston) - feedback welcomed!

OUMC MiniGuides

On long mountain routes, route-finding can be difficult, and carrying a guidebook is the only safe option if you've never done the route before. However, why carry the whole book when you only need two pages? OUMC MiniGuides give you just the information you need when you're on the hill. Simply choose your route, print out the relevant .pdf from the list opposite, and take it with you in a pocket.

OUMC MiniGuides are produced on a good-will basis. Feel free to print as many copies as you like... but... they have been drawn from memory and the author cannot be responsible for any accidents resulting from the use of these Topos! You have been warned!


We are not professional guidebook writers, and these Topos have been produced in our own time... so we'd appreciate your help to check them out. If you have any comments, alterations, or corrections then please, please let us know and we might get round to ammending them!