Welcome to Physics Knowledge Center

Physics Knowledge Center is a proactive initiative to develop a knowledge based approach among students in order to equip them with abilities to face today’s knowledge based world. The initiative is an attempt to convey how knowledge promises enjoyment, employment, empowerment and enlightenment to the learners.

Enjoyment comes because by the intrinsic virtue of its very nature, pursuits in learning physics involve the joy of understanding nature and the thrill and excitement of exploring nature. Employment and empowerment are ensured because discoveries in physics have been the starting points for many new industries or employments and have also been empowering the existing industries through new knowledge. Enlightenment is a result of appreciation of the unending depth and breadth of nature’s knowledge.

These aspects are handled through the following activities.

Learning Material: knowledge oriented learning material is developed that facilitates open and flexible learning.  

Curiosity Corner: learners can ask their curious questions related to physics and experts try to satisfy their curiosity.

Knowledge Café: queries related to applications of physics are discussed to make the routes from classroom learning to industry applications visible to learners.

Physics Clinic: concepts in physics not properly understood by learners are clarified by experts through need based guidance. 

Anyone with ignorance and curiosity can thus be a learner in this knowledge center. 

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