Carrboro Music Fest (09/20/12)

Carrboro Music Festival, Take 14.

1 day. 12+ hours. 25 stages. 180 bands. Free. Lord-a-mercy, Carrboro, you do us proud! Imagine a world where hundreds of bands clamor to play for free and then pinch yourself good and hard when you realize its right here and about to be right now.

I got in on the tale end of the festival last year by ending up at The Station at Southern Rail well after midnight just in time to catch John Wesley Satterfield and his Damn Fine Band break into House of the Rising Sun. They were tight and talented and the perfect ending to what I heard was another successful festival day. It was a moment … and I decided right then and there that I wasn’t missing a single second of Carrboro Music Festival 2012. 

What began back in 1998 in the sultry heat of summer on something less than a shoestring budget (in other words, nothing) is now a shining end-of-summer star in the beret of the Paris of the Piedmont.  One of the largest free music festivals in the Southeast, it draws both musicians and music lovers from all over and offers the perfect opportunity to simply amble around town seeking your own level of musical happiness. I’ll be the one wandering around in blissful overload.

You only really have to do two things, other than find parking. With a schedule packed with every genre you can imagine in your hands, pick your starting point. If you don’t like Indie Rock, move on to the next stage where you’re likely to find World/Jazz or Carrbor-ibean.  Maybe Bluegrass is your thing … or Brazilian. There’s truly something for everyone, plus some.

Though not exactly in A-rotation on my hit list, I’m intrigued by Curtis Eller’s American Circus who will be offering Banjo Music for Funerals and Social Gatherings at Jessee’s Coffee and Bar. And what the heck is Surf Punk/Psychobilly anyway? I’m curious enough to find out so I’ll show up at the Looking Glass Café for Bubba Joe and The Bruisers. I’ve already started charting out my path so I don’t miss artists who are already favorites or who’ve been on my wish list for months – Saints Apollo, Fat Bastard Blues Band, See No Weevil, Pagan Hellcats, and Mudbone Blues Review.

Download the entire map and schedule:

Sunday, Sept. 30
1pm until.