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SizeGenetics Discount

posted Aug 8, 2019, 12:06 AM by Joe   [ updated Aug 8, 2019, 12:37 AM ]

3 packages comparison

Currently there are 3 packages to choose from when you buying SizeGenetics extender from the official website. The entry level package comes along with the instructional manual in digital format and the device itself, if you are tight on budget and do not want to spend more money for the extra goodies, well this package are made for you, this is all what you need for penis enlargement. If you do not expect to receive the extender within 10 days, you may select their free shipping through UPS service and patiently wait for your parcel to be arriving. It’s worthwhile assuming that the total cost to be cut back. Furthermore, you will be enjoying additional discount when you entered the coupon code on special day promotion, which makes SizeGenetics the low price of penis enlargement device available online.

Sizegenetics Packages

Another basic package which is similar to the starter except with an extra leather box and comfort accessories; you will get a case for device storage and it’s quite handy to carry around. These accessories provide assistance in comfort supports whenever using the penis extender. Personally, I like this configuration which is quite similar to automotive toolbox, and having its own compartment arrangement that fit in the parts. If you are a well organized person that prefers things to be arranged properly, don’t hesitate to decide as this option is absolutely suit you the best.

The last package is the SizeGenetics Ultimate System, this is a complete set of penis enlargement tools that you must have; it also included spare parts and many other items that are useful for the penis enlargement. The values of this complete set offered are far more over than its price tag. What draws my attention of this package are the e-books included inside, with this knowledge and information can help to achieve the sensation that you will never experience before. It’s like a hidden gem.

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Please be mindful that SizeGenetics offered 50% commission to its affiliates when you buy the product, don't expect ALL the reviews you read are real. 

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SizeGenetics dIscount

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Lowest price for the Sizegenetics

First time buying from an online store is not always a simple process, especially when it comes to use the coupon system. When compare to our weekend grocery shopping, we always pass the coupons to the cashier when we check out, the cashier will handle everything for us and basically its very straight forward by using the barcode reader. However, when takes place in the virtual world like electronic shopping; you will need to handle everything by your own. Usually this included key in your personal details, shipping address and not to forget, the coupon code. While in most cases, people forget to search for online deals before they buy from an online store and have missed the chance to get the savings.

Anyway, I am going back to the online purchase tutorial of when to use the coupon, after selecting the Ultimate system package from the ordering page and you will be directed to the checkout page. This is where you have to fill in the form of your details and billing address by steps, payment method and finally, when reach to the step 4, you will notice a text box that allows you to put the code. Once you entered a correct code, the system will automatically update and showing congratulate message that SizeGenetics discount has been successfully applied as shown.

SizeGenetics discount screenshot