Disclosure & Privacy

Disclosure policy 

This disclosure is to raise the visitor’s awareness of the website content and its information published. While there's no sponsorship and advertisement from this website, but I do receive commission from the merchant when refer you to the merchant website for their products. I am certain that I will not provide any false information that will mislead consumer while in the buying process. I have following the standard guidelines in the marketing which to be transparent and trustworthy to any parties. Honesty in reviews and openness for the information which will help me to built the good reputation and relationship with my visitors. Although I might get some kind of rewards from the merchant, I have always been open and give unbiased reviews on their products; it will not have any influences over my blogs and articles which are related to the products. Also not forget to mention that whatever information that is clearly published on this website is my own idea and not to be taken as the only facts and depends on it. In order to get the actual data and supporting certificates, visitors still have to contact the merchant for the information.   

Privacy policy
  • The main purpose of this website is to provide coupon code or discount coupon and free information.
  • This website does no record any information and activities of visitors, included analytics or tracking software.
  • There will be no online transaction and electronic commerce from this website, no personal information will be ask.
  • Coupon code and discount coupon provided from this website is usable at the official website.
  • Once you left this website, you are subjected to the term and condition of the other website.