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And while it’s nice to think about, penis enlargement is impossible, right?

I mean those adverts you see for pills and pumps and creams are 100% bullshit.

Well, it turns out the answer is NO.

The thing is, 99% of those products are not effective and will do nothing for the size of your manhood.

But believe it or not, I have actually tried many products out there.

SizeGenetics is one of these products that work.

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Like a lot of men I was once deeply ashamed of my penis size.

Taking off my clothes and having sex was a humiliating experience and I wished there was something I could do about this. So one day I decided to try out some of these penis enlargement products.

I eventually, worked my way through about 7 different brands of pills, plus a bunch of pumps and even funny exercises I read about somewhere.

(And at one point I even considered surgery.)

But guess what?

None of it worked.

These products did jack for my penis size and all that increased was some other guys bank account.

What I also discovered is that these methods are also incredibly dangerous.

Surgery can leave your penis scarred and looking malformed, while pumps can cause permanent impotence, burst blood vessels and more.

(And as for those pills, who knows what’s really in them? )

Deeply disappointed, I was about to give up and accept my fate when I stumbled upon SizeGenetics.

This company's product actually work and the reason why is because, what most people don’t understand is that penis enlargement is actually a type of body modification.

And what most men also don’t realize is that our bodies CAN be modified…

Which means the size of your penis CAN be enlarged…

Think about it:

Have you ever seen those people who put plugs in their earlobes to stretch them out?

They start off with a very small plug and then gradually increase the size over time, which eventually stretches out their earlobes.

And have you ever seen those women in Africa who put copper rings around their necks?

These women attach steel rings to their necks at puberty. As their necks stretch they attach more rings and some of these women will eventually end up stretching their necks by 1-2 feet.

It’s incredible, and there are countless more examples of this (Such as Chinese foot binding and corseting.)

But the bottom line is that body modification is REAL. Ask yourself, if neck can be extended, why not your dick?

And that if you apply enough tension or pressure (In the right way) to a certain part of your body you can alter it.

Which is exactly what the SizeGenetics device does.

All you have to do is attach it to your penis for a couple of minutes, every other day, and slowly over time your penis stretches longer, fuller and thinker.

It’s like lifting weights.

Every time you lift weights the muscles of your body tear, and then heal and become stronger and bigger.

This device has the same effect on your penis.

And one thing I can say about SizeGenetics is that it’s very comfortable to use.

In fact, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Most penis enlargement devices are cheaply made and very uncomfortable, but not this one.

And best of all results are permanent.

Once you’ve stretched your penis to the size you want, you can put the device away and start enjoying your new penis.

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It’s really that easy.

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SizeGenetics is the ultimate system for increasing your penis size.

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