An early photo of the band taken at Rothwell Salvation Army hall.

Welcome to the Sixties Club Band website.  Initially for our players to examine the site and pass on their observations.

As well as this website we have also have a Facebook site, called <Sixties Clubband> some band members are already active on there, Brian will give you the password for it.  To access the site you need to become a Facebook member, which is free, and have an e-mail address.  Google <Facebook> which will take you through enrolling.  There is a link to Facebook from this site on 'Links to other sites'.

*The trombone section has had it said of them, many times!*

Our e-mail address is <sixtiesclubbandd@gmail.com>

Our website address is <www.sixtiesclubband.co.uk>

Our Facebook site is <Sixties Clubband>

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