Basgerin Freeport

A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

Basgerin 0.4 < Firille < Sinq Laison

The Basgerin System is centrally located in the middle of Empire space. While it resides in the Gallente Federation, the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, and Minmatar Republic are very close by. Because it is a lowsec system, jump freighters, capital ships, super capitals, and Titan class starships may freely dock at the Vatican Freeport Popestar, an extra-large citadel structure.

The system is a single lowsec system with entry by a single highsec system of Pulin 0.5 code named "Pull-In". While entering the system via the Pulin stargate does have some risk, a fast aligning ship, and/or a scout in system can reduce your risk greatly.  Once in system, pilots can safely warp between the publicly available citadel structures and use the tether system when undocking. Leaving the system is safer than undocking from Jita or Amarr!

The Sixth Empire Alliance, in the lowsec system of Basgerin will host open freeport docking to all pilots and co-host public events. The first Moon Mining event was held by the 6E to a public showing in December YC119 and future events shall include free ship give-aways, and free "grab a gun" combat events in system. Spectators can use the safety of the Keepstar tethers to watch public events as a new type of stadium in New Eden.

Trade hubs:
The popular Empire Trade hubs of Jita and Amarr are almost the same distance from Basgerin, while Dodixie is only located six jumps away. Because Basgerin is a Lowsec system, jump freighters can easily access the Vatican Freeport Popestar citadel. The Popestar is also becoming a trade hub for larger capital ships due to its prime location.
Jumps via Highsec/Lowsec:
Dodixie - 6/6
Hek - 13/13
Jita - 19/17
Amarr - 20/15

The Keepstar:
Home of the "Vatican Freeport Popestar", an Upwell Consortium Keepstar class citadel operated by the Sixth Empire Alliance, and home of His Holiness, Max Singularity.

Docking Permission Granted!

All alliances of New Eden are free to dock in this harbor, regardless of standings. Markets are open and jump clone bays are available. Due to the prime central location of Basgerin, the Popestar makes an ideal rest stop for your long voyages. It can also be used as your 'away base' or as your home base of operations. Our extensive conference room facilities and Titan parking bays are available for you to host your next convention [[or role play activity]].

Spiced wine, exotic dancers, male and female, are available as needed as are copies of Max Amarria.

Discord and Local Communications:
There is a standard Local Channel available to you. It is actually ok to talk in Local as you will see many pilots chat about public events, or solicit duels. It's so friendly at times you will forget you are in lowsec, but don't. 

A new service is also being tried out... a Discord server for an entire solar system...
The Basgerin Discord public voice/chat server located at: 
(Please note that the server is presently in 'beta test' mode while we configure it to meet your needs.)

Joint Defence:
While nothing in EVE Online is permanent, it is the goal that the Popestar become New Eden's version of 'Babylon 5' or maybe "Deep Space 9", a station where all fleets may find a home. Since several major military alliances/coalitions are using the Popestar as a strategic docking hub, rest stop, and holy strip club...  a  super purple  pact has been made by 'reds of reds' in order to defend the Popestar. The Sixth Empire Alliance is not a power-grab alliance, and acts in cooperation with the major military alliances of New Eden to rescue lost pilots in space, and provide a temporary home for those between alliances.  You can learn more about the Sixth Empire's unique role from our Diplomacy Page on this server.

Do you have event ideas?
It is our intent of the Sixth Empire Alliance and the Mogul Financial Alliance to make Basgerin a unique place in New Eden. We are looking forward to working with you to host your event if we can.

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