December 3, YC 119 (2017)
Amarr Prime - House Singularity [HS-A]
by Monistat Seven, Director

In a joint announcement, His Holiness, Max Singularity [6E] and the honorable Seleene, Executor Mercenary Coalition [MC] announced a humanitarian transfer of an Upwell Consortium Keepstar class citadel to the ownership of the Sixth Empire Alliance.

Attached is the Proclamation 8 of the announcement...

Proclamation 8 - Keepstar

The Keepstar structure shall be named "Vatican Freeport Popestar" and as a freeport, the structure will serve as a rest stop for traveling alliances, or those lost in space that simply need a home for Capital Ships, Supers, and Titans.  The Sixth Empire shall also host diplomatic and intercluster meetings between all Capsuleers and Empire governments.


Press Release Graphics...

Image 1:
Logo of the Sixth Empire Alliance
 Sixth Empire Logo
 Image 2:
Logo of the Mercenary Coalition
Logo of Mercenary Coalition
 Image 3:
Max Singularity
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