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Null Sec Life

So you want to join the Sixth Empire because we have a Null Sec System.  That's cool, but lets make sure you understand why we are in Null Sec, and that we are not your typical Null Sec deployed alliance. This guide will help you decide.

Understand our mission
We are about helping players. To enjoy EVE Online and stay alive.

About Null PVP
Our PVP is not the normal PVP. Since we are not a 'power' alliance, we don't fly fleets for our killboards, or elite status, and taking sov. We fly for fun. We fly for laughs. We die in fires and grade each other how well we died.  If this is a problem, don't join Sixth Empire.  
About Null Intel
We do have access to regional travel intel, but we do not have access to our hosts private intel channels, forums, jabber, or the like. Remember, we are independent alliance and are only in null as a courtesy of our hosts.

About Null Structures
Citadels in null sec are nationalized.  What does this mean?  They are all held by our primary corp, The Gold Angels.  Fuel cost is covered by the alliance however there is a small tax on services.  You may not anchor your own structures.  If you feel an additional citadel is required please speak with leadership.   Violation may lead to the destruction of the structure, and/or the kicking of your corp from alliance. 

About Null Ratting
There are rules. These rules will be provided to you after you are a member. Abide by them.

About Our Null Hosts
It is important to recognize that we exist in null not by our power to capture sov, but by the grace of our hosts that has 'gifted' us a home. It is also important to know that our hosts can be red to our other hosts. We do not share intel. We remain independent and grateful to our hosts for the recognition of our main mission. 

Here are our current hosts:
M-SRKS Host - The Imperium (Goonswarm Federation)
X-XXXX Host - (In diplomatic negotiations)

About Null Markets
You don't need to move your stuff to null sec. You need to bring your ISK to null sec and buy new stuff in the awesome trade hub that our hosts provide.