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Joining the Sixth Empire takes a decision. A decision to join a community of people that have dedicated their gameplay to helping other 'real' people and players in-game. The first thing we must recognize is why we are here. 

For many of us, it is to play EVE Online and have fun. To get away for a moment from our real lives and fly mighty starships through the vast cluster of New Eden. For many of us, it is a way to enjoy the company of our friends that share a love for EVE together.

In this age of Internet chat boards, Facebook, Twitter, and so many other social media outlets, it is sometimes hard to remember that there are real faces attached to those so many other keyboards. Those faces have feelings, a life history, a political opinion, personal faith, and all the things that make us human.

The Internet has defined new behaviors in social media. 'Trolling' is now defined. 'Flaming' is defined. Once upon a recent time, these behaviors took the Internet by surprise, but now we see them, identify them, and know them well.

The Sixth Empire has defined these rules of conduct as a guide for expected behaviors. These rules apply to everyone, regardless of ability/disability.  For some, this may be new information as we have members of all ages joining us.  So come in, relax, and enjoy our chill environment. 

Conduct Becoming...
* Be polite to our fellow members.  
* With a little practice, you can learn to be kind.
* You can cus damn it, and say fuck it... but never say FUCK YOU to a fellow member.
* Same as above, including "go to hell", "you're gay", "kiss my ass" to a fellow member.
* If you say "shut up" you better be acting in the role of a fleet commander on-duty, otherwise don't.
* Make the Sixth Empire 'your' game. Create content. Educate our fellow members.
* Always carry a copy of Max Amarria in your cargo hold, and/or Exotic Dancers.
Always GF (good fight) in local to all pilots even if you (we) lose!
* Abide by special Null/Low Sec procedures and policies.
* Contribute or donate to the alliance.
* Contribute/read our forums.
* Undocking is always good.

Conduct Un-Becoming...
Unfortunately there are some behaviors that are not desired in the Sixth Empire. The Sixth Empire 'tries' to help real players, but we do have limits that we enforce. When you have an issue with another player, don't try to solve it yourself as it only makes it worse. Let leadership know to help mediate and moderate. (TLDR: Don't be an ass.)

These behaviors are defined below:
* Don't threaten to quit the alliance in anger, just leave or don't. You maybe preemptively kicked for threats like that Felicia.
* We play EVE Online... not WOT Online (Wall of text) as arguments regarding behavior or alliance leadership.
* Blocking senior leadership (Cardinals & High Council) on Discord or other chat outlets.
* Rage quitting Discord, or other chat outlets without notification to leadership.
* Being mean and being a complete ass to fellow members. Partial asses will be tolerated to a point.
* Honesty is nice, but is it kind? Don't be unkind.
* Don't let political, religious, conspiracies, or anti-science dominate personal opinions in discussions, digital or verbal.
* It's ok to be any of the LGBTQ.  We won't treat you special for who you are... and being who you are does not give you license to treat others badly.
* We don't care about killboards so die in a fire, however, multiple shiny kills or stupid wardec kills will get you and/or your corporation booted!
* Indy Diplomacy... That means don't negotiate for the Sixth Empire unless you are coordinating with our diplomats.
* AWOXing (without approval)
* Theft (without approval) 

The final authority in the judgment of conduct is Max Singularity and Feiryred of the High Council. They will convene a council with the Cardinals of the Sixth Empire for opinions to be taken into account. The decision between Max and Feiryred will be acted upon, but before they do, they will counsel the offender one last time. 

Conduct That CCP Will Ban You For...
Conduct that can get you banned from the game by CCP are violations to the Terms of Service and/or the EULA. The easy way to violate these rules is to threaten someone in real life, out of the game.  Saying, "I will cut off your hands" has led to permanent bans by CCP, and similar comments will do the same.  There is a big difference between "I will kill you" and "I will kill you in game".  Don't let your emotions get away from you!

Fleet Commanding - HTFU
So all the above applies, but there is a sort of a 'soft exception' when it comes to fleet commanding in-game.  If you target lock the cloaky fleet commander, be prepared to be FC-yelled at.  It's not personal, it is instructional with force. Fleet commanding in EVE Online takes a lot of concentration and multi-tasking. Having rouge pilots not following directions increases the stress for the commander and leads to in-game incidents.

Things you should not do when in a fleet...
* Do not over-talk the FC, or scouts on coms!! When an FC says "Fleet Coms" shut up until he releases the channel. Its not the time to hear about your cute cat.
* Lock anyone in null sec or low sec during fleet operations unless you are a logistics capable ship. Goofing off high sec style is not acceptable and has led to accidents of shooting friendly fire, or has prevented the fleet commander from cloaking. Don't do it.
* Do not get all butthurt over a FC yell, or if they raised a voice on coms to you.  It's not personal!
It's important for a FC to get your attention (see video below).

YouTube Video

Our goal is to have fun for all of us, and dealing with 'drama bombs' diminishes the fun for many, including for Max and Feiryred. Which brings all parties back to the original recognition of why we are here.  Separation is not always a bad thing. If you have to leave, don't be dramatic about it. Leaving on good terms is possible.

We welcome those that are looking to create in-game adventures for our fellow players. Engage in many play-styles that EVE Online has to offer, as long as those behaviors are kept in-game. EULA violations of behavior will be reported to CCP hf, as needed.

Welcome to the Sixth Empire Alliance... we are not your typical EVE Alliance.  (Return to how to join page)