How To Join

Understand our mission...
We are about helping players. To enjoy EVE Online and stay alive.

Before you join, know our role in-game and outside-game (meta) environments. We are here to enjoy EVE Online together as players. We are the Coast Guard of New Eden, to rescue lost pilots, and provide a temporary or permanent home for those looking for a (mostly) drama free environment and above all else... have fun.

You may also want to check out our "Code Of Conduct" page before you make your decision.  Or you might want to know about our Diplomacy page to establish a relationship with 6E.

Our motto is: "Answer All Calls" because we need you to stay alive, and we support the Broadcast 4 Reps movement*.

If you are joining because we have a Null Sec system and you want to base in Null Sec, then read our Null Sec Life page before your make your decision!!

If you are a corporation CEO and want to join the Sixth Empire, scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.  Otherwise, continue on.

Joining in-game...
Our primary corporation is 'The Gold Angels' in-game. 

Simply dock at any station or citadel and do a search for 'The Gold Angels' (the 'The' is required, d'uh). After you find the corporation you can 'show info' and you will get a corporate information box. Below is a button [Apply to Join]. A small application window appears and you can fill in the text with anything, but tell us how you found us, and why you want to join, and that you read the Code of Conduct.

It is best to apply from an NPC corp, because if you have roles in an existing player corp, you will have have a 24 hour delay after you have left your old corp before you can join.

We have other specialized corporations that you can join once you have become a member of The Gold Angels. 

Communications Text and Voice - Discord...
Please see our special Discord page for more information how to configure your software and naming conventions used in the Alliance.  Voice coms are mandatory for low sec and null sec participation!

Want to make a new topic, post in another, ask questions.  Our forums use the new and improved CCP authorization system that checks your corporation status, and that is good enough for us to let you inside the forums. We don't see your information from CCP as they have that locked down and secure. This is the beginning of the end of APIs (yay). 

Go to the Sixth Empire forums at

Facebook groups...
The Sixth Empire got its foothold from the Facebook Community. Although you don't need to be a member of Facebook, there are some interesting chats we have there. Feel free to apply to the Facebook Public Group.  There is also a Facebook Sixth Empire Members group, but you'll get that URL at a later date.

Go to Sixth Empire Public Facebook Group at:

uh... well... duh. You're here.

CEO Corporation Membership...
If you are the CEO of an EVE player corporation with more than 25 some members, you may be eligible to join the Sixth Empire. You must inform all of your members that they will abide by the Code of Conduct which becomes your corp's code of conduct. Each corporation increases our alliance CONCORD fee, so your corp should consider how you contribute to the alliance. Anchoring Citadel Structures have terms and conditions based on location. Consult alliance leadership for details.

If you are the CEO of a solo corporation with only your alts as members, then you may want to consider putting your alts in The Gold Angels because you can come and go as you like, and use The Gold Angels infrastructure. We will give you a chance to increase your membership, but maintaining a long term small corp is discouraged and will be evaluated.  Having a small corp increases our alliance CONCORD fees.

The Gold Angels do not have attendance requirements, or mandatory fleet operations, however, you can define your own requirements as long as you don't set expectations for other member corps in the alliance.  That being stated, as a CEO your attendance in leadership issues is required within reasonable expectations.

As a CEO, you will automatically be a member of the CEO Council on our Discord server.  

ALSO KNOW... that we will counsel your corp for members that consistently violate the Code of Conduct. As CEO you are responsible for your members.  Also, consistently providing juicy war targets in high sec continues to make all of Sixth Empire a target. While we don't care about killboards, we do care about stupid high sec war dec multi-billion dollar dumb ass losses

To bring your corporation into the alliance, you must talk with Max Singularity and/or Feiryred and indicate that you have read the code of conduct, and tell us your intentions.  Welcome to 6E, remember our role as stated above.

Reference Notes:
*1 - While we support Broadcast 4 Reps as a movement, know that we are not affiliated with the sponsors of B4R non-profit corporation Spam for Heals.