Redemption Road Fleet

The Sixth Empire Alliance endorses the spiritual movement of redemption, to redeem one's soul, and Capsuleer cleansing by fire.  The leading organization for this ceremony is the Affirmative Alliance, to which the Sixth Empire promotes their efforts.  The purpose of Redemption Road ceremony is to gather in one star system called Berta.  From Berta, the Redemption fleet heads out to various parts of low security space and null security space.

The fleets are held on regular scheduled events. Pilots from hostile alliances and corporations, reds and blues, all fleet up together to form one 'purple' fleet.  As a purple fleet, you can shoot anyone (reds, grays, and even blues) but not purples.  This is called NPSI for Not Purple - Shoot It!!! 

The redemption events are (EVE Time):
  • Sunday Sinners: Every Sunday at 20:00
  • NewBro New Player Roam: 15th of the month, rotating time zones
  • (inactive) Shotgun Soldiers: Ceptor roams every Thursday at 02:00
  • (inactive) MATE Roams: Most Fridays around 08:00/09:00ish
  • Assorted random holiday roams, seminars, and other crazy ideas

His Holiness, Max Singularity, Pope of New Eden has blessed her Lady Greygal on her leadership in brining this sacred ceremony to the masses of Capsuleers while they travel along their road to redemption.  Pope Singularity highly recommends that all capsuleers, regardless of experience level take this road and feel the joys of PVP in the random wildlands of space.

To participate No minimum skill points are needed, but you will have a better time if have at least one frigate to level 5, at least one destroyer and/or cruiser to 5, assault frigates, interceptors, and small T2 guns.

Join their in-game public channel at REDEMPTION ROAD.

Join their Teamspeak server anytime.  Address is: password YES!

You should also have some non-eve skills as follows:
  • Social. They are very social.
  • Patience and Sense of Humor trained to 5 required.
  • Have a love of learning and sharing what they know.
  • Working microphone and being in coms regularly is a MUST!
  • People who don't take the game too seriously, but are able to act and fly professionally when in fleet.
  • Ability to operate independently and entertain yourself when nothing else is going on, or not many people online.
Additionally, to be more involved on a regular basis:
  • Must check the internal forums a few times a week to catch up on what's happening. Don't need to be a forum whore.
  • Prefer 21+ RL years old, but mature younglings are acceptable.
  • Dog and cat lovers particularly welcome.

In this video, you can here Greygal leading her fleet into battle. They take out a few targets when all of a sudden, Capital ships drop on the fleet, and redemption is at hand.

YouTube Video

Here is a list of people/thoughts that should not join the Redemption Road:
  • Racists
  • Elitists
  • Ragers
  • Misogynists
  • Dramaqueens
  • Risk averse pilots.
  • Overbearing arrogant twats
  • Players focused ONLY on industry or PVE
  • Special Snowflakes. (They already have one)
  • Sperglords (ASD is ok, just keep it controlled)
  • Those who think killboard stats actually matter
  • Antisocial people who NEVER fly with us or join voice

Go forth and spread the Pope's love, and by love, he means LASERS!!

For more information:

(The Aramier Clarification):  During Redemption Road fleet operations, you may participate but you should hold fire against blue targets. While we are working with diplomatic exclusions, you must be prepared to pay a portion of the damage in reparations to the victim. Again, hold fire, until we secure diplomatic agreements.