Roleplaying EVE Online Style

By Charles White (Max Singularity)

It is possible to roleplay in EVE Online. 

Actually, everyone that undocks, or does market orders is roleplaying whether they like it or not. Large alliances take huge sections of null-sec space, or they attack high-sec trade hubs, or they persecute miners in asteroid belts, or my favorite... make ammunition delivery services of all sorts of weapons to all types of customers. This is all part of the 'passive' roleplay that EVE Online facilitates.

However, if you want to practice a more 'active' roleplaying experience, EVE Online can be a viable platform for that as well, but know that there are some challenges in a world-wide online game that would not exist if your friends were all sitting at a table with a game master behind a screen doing success roles on dice.

((Under Construction - More to come))