Discord Chat and Voice

The Sixth Empire Alliance and Broadcast 4 Reps both use Discord as a text chat and voice chat service.

Discord works on your computer and/or cell phone as an app.  It is very handy for general chat, or for critical in-game fleet communications.  All members of the Sixth Empire are expected to have a Discord account.

Install Discord
You can install Discord from their official website http://discord.gg/8R7huS2

Naming Protocol
When you sign up for discord, you can use any name for your account.  However, you can change your 'nickname' at any time, and you can have a different nickname on each server that you have joined.  When on The Sixth Empire server, your nickname must be the name of your character that is in the corporation that is a member of the alliance. To lookup your corporation's assigned ticker, check the Corporation page.

The format is as follows (examples below):
[Alliance/Corporation] In-game Name 
[6E/HS] Max Singularity
[6E/GA] Jet Burns
[6E/OM] Methos Horseman

Remember, you can set this for your in-game character.  Use the one you want people to know you by. If you have multiple in-game names (alts), then use your favorite, but if you fly in a fleet with your alt, and you are on voice communications, then change your nickname to the SAME NAME as the character you are flying in the fleet.

Discord Chat Channels:
There are two types of chat channels.  One is for text chatting, the other is for voice chatting.  You are allowed to chat on one channel, while have voice running on the other.  Voice is tied to the server your are running at the moment and it is possible to text chat on a different server while still voice chatting on the Sixth Empire server (cool huh).

There is one channel that is called "Listen-Only-Church" and that channel allows senior alliance leaders to talk, while everyone else can only listen and not talk.  That channel is used for larger meetings when order needs to be maintained.

The channels under TEMPLE CHAT are open to the public.  Do not talk intel in those channels.  The channel "6e-general-chat" is an open free for all channel where people can talk and socialize about anything. You can mute channels or change the notifications on every channel of your choice in Discord (cool huh).

It really helps the look and feel if you upload a photo to your profile.  Edit your profile in Discord and upload a photo of either you, or of your character in EVE Online.  You can find your photo on the website called EVEWho.com.

Additional Help:
To learn more about Discord and what you can do, check out the many many videos on YouTube.com and search for Discord. 

Understanding Roles:
The High Council consists of Max Singularity and Feiryred only as the Alliance Leaders.
The Cardinals are Alliance Department Heads.  The current departments are Diplomacy, PVP, PVE, Industry.
The Bishops are all pilots of the corporations of the Sixth Empire (that means you).
The VIP Guests are friends of the Sixth Empire that often form 'purple' fleets (thus they are purple color).
The ONLINE group are visitors that are neutral to the Sixth Empire. When you first join the server, you will be in this group until your are verified for the proper roles.  You will be verified by the EVEWho website above.

Welcome to the Sixth Empire, and start chatting/voicing as soon as you can.