The Gold Angels

The Gold Angels is now open to all, from newbros to veterans. All are welcome!

We offer a relaxed friendly environment, help for new players such as skillbooks and training. So whether you like PvP, Pve, industry or wormhole space, we have a place for you, We have Discord Chat/Voice communicaitons, and (most) all the usual things you would expect in an alliance run by experienced players.

We also offer role-play in that we are led by Max Singularity, the Pope of New Eden, however this is just for fun and in no way mandatory.

The Sixth Empire is an alliance that does all the fun things other alliances do, except we make regular headlines in a way no one else does!

Come join the fastest growing movement in Eve.

Please join in-game "The Gold Angels"

Check out our page here "How to Join" for additional information.

For information please contact Pink Pony Shagger