House Singularity

At present, House Singularity operationally functions as the Star-Diocese of the Pope's organization offices, and is home to the Officers and Senior staff members of the Sixth Empire Alliance.

House Singularity is a Great Amarr House with holdings in Amarr, Caldari, and Unknown space. Originally founded as a wheat growers conglomerate the House has grown into a high tech firm creating Wetware Mainframe computer systems used in large starships and stations. However these operations are greatly diminished due to the rise of Max Singularity’s popularity as the Harbinger of Faith, and Pontiff of the Sixth Empire.

The House took huge financial losses during Jamyl Sarum’s reign as Empress of the Amarr Empire due to sanctions against Max Singularity when he raised to popular attention the question of the legality of her reign.  Upon her assassination by the Drifters, sanctions were immediately repealed.

Max Singularity regained social standing in the Empire with devout loyalists when he was selected as first Champion for House Kador. While he was defeated under suspicious circumstances, there was no mistaking that the Amarr Empire recognized Max. Max was selected by Urium Kador, heir to the throne, as Max also has a distant blood relationship from his Mother’s side of the family.

While there is a distant blood relationship with the current Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon, from Max’s fathers side, there is no expectation that relationship will benefit House Singularity’s holdings.

Employment in House Singularity is closed to all outside of the family.