There are three types of corporations in the Sixth Empire Alliance as follows... 

Holder Corporations:
Holder Corporations are run by the founders of the Sixth Empire Alliance. As such, they will always remain in the alliance and they are a stable home for players that come to know the leadership team.  The assigned Discord ticker is before the corporation name.
Faithful Corporations:
Faithful Corporations are players run organizations that have joined the Sixth Empire, and as such, they may leave at any time to explore other adventures in New Eden. Players that wish to remain aligned with Sixth Empire would have to join a Holder Corporation if the Faithful Corporation leaves.  

Dust Corporations:
The Dust514 Corporations are still shown on the New Eden registry. These are closed and static, the memberships are for a historical record only. At one time, the Sixth Empire was 90% a Dust514 run alliance while the 'dusties' held many provinces in the name of His Holiness. 
  • The Gold Horde Templars
  • The Arkobine Initiative
  • The Last True Gods
  • Rodevi Industries
  • Shadow Gun