Max Amarria

In-Game Item:
The first in-game honor paid to Max Singularity was the creation of a special edition item "Max Amarria" which is a play on the Amarrian bible of "Pax Amarria".  The item was announced on December 17, 2015 in a Dev Blog.  It is speculated that the inclusion was due to the massive increase in role-play awareness in EVE Online by events through the year.

Since Max Singularity launched his inquisition of Jamyl Sarum in 2015, Max was held in high heresy against the throne, Max was ostracized by the "Jamylites", supporters of Jamyl Sarum during the role play roundtable at Fanfest 2015 in Iceland during the Symposium of Emergent Threats. While the symposium was to focus on the Drifters, Max made several accusations stating that Jamyl's dealings into wormholes and harvesting Sleeper living organisms maybe a contributing factor to the current Drifter invasion. However, Max had more ammunition against the Amarr Empress.

Max led an inquisition into the legality that Jamyl Sarum had illegally seized power of the Amarr Empire and was about to be formally accused when she was conveniently assassinated by the Drifter menace. The resulting chaos left the Jamylites fighting for power while the True Amarr loyalists fought through the Amarr Championships to restore the throne to a legal heir.

Max was selected as First Champion by Urium Kador, to represent him in the Ascension Trials.  Max was defeated by Fafer during the Championships under suspicious circumstances of the Amarr officials possibly due to Jamylite influence.  The incident was known as #magnategate because the Magnate Class ship that Max Singularity was flying was declared illegal by the Amarr officials, and thus the match was disrupted.

Max Amarria was distributed that following month, with copies being published far and wide to all the trade hubs.

The text read, "While not regarded illegal by the Imperial authorities, this alternative compilation of scriptures, teachings and sermons compiled by well-know capsuleer Max Singularity is regarded as improper and sacrilegious by most conservative Amarr organizations."

There is even a killboard for ships that have Max Amarria contained within their cargo holds when they are destroyed.  

In print and now shipping Cluster Wide-- Max Amarria, the New Testament

"It is with great humility that the Theology Council and other authorities have declared my book, Max Amarria, as no longer illegal within the Amarr Empire and Cluster of New Eden. It is my hope that liberal Amarr Holders and Organizations can see a return to our Golden Glory and shed the corruptions of the past can finally move on towards our right, and just, future. Copies of Max Amarria are now shipping to all races in New Eden. Again, I thank you, the public for lifting me to this place, and may we all find His glory together during these darkest of days." -Max Singularity

The Cosmos is unknowingly vast. Distant galaxies whirl about their black hole centers with hundreds of million suns, captive in an eternal dance. In space, the Sun never sets. The light creates day, and the enveloping darkness creates night, both day and night embraced in the the shadows of duality.

Planetside, there is something deeply stirring in intelligent beings when they see the sunrise over a world's ocean. Watching a sunrise reminds us that the Universe still holds many mysteries and it beckons our smartest minds to seek its truths. We have come to know that the sun is a star, and we simple human beings have collectively unlocked enough truths of the Universe that we can travel between those distant stars in mere minutes.

Something in the Cosmos calls to us. We do not understand but we hear its voice. In quiet moments the voice is deafening. It is masked with the crashing sound of an ocean wave on a sandy beach, or in the whisper of wind through trees and mountain passes.

The language of this voice is written in the symbols of a snowflake, the sand patterns of an Ono Mating Ant, and even Orvolle's rhythmic dancing clouds.

It is not our ears but our hearts that hear this calling voice, and those that hear it, know they have heard it, for it is true.

The totality of such beautiful sights, beautiful songs, and wondrous feelings of fulfillment by participating in these beauties have been described as super-natural, or even devine.

Such beauty cannot be denied, for it is blatant truth incarnate with no explanation needed. There is no meaning to a double rainbow, it just is, and it is true. Elegant truth.

Yet through time immemorial there are simple scientific explanations to these beauties such as why the skies of Torvi V are crimson red during the day, and glow deep blue at night. We know what causes the planets sky colors to vary from planet to planet, but only recently have we began to understand that the scientific explanation is itself also divine, for it too holds the calling voice of the Cosmos.

In human history, there was a wide line between nature and the super-natural divine. Humans have created its share of divine laws, and natural laws and they have always been exclusive of each other. The law of gravity is usually obeyed without too much argument, but breaking the laws of church have led to possibly an equal number of deaths throughout time.

Supernovas and humans yelling "In the name of God" have taken both their share of people's lives.

In this New Testament known as Max Amarria, we shall dive deep into the voice of the cosmos, into the unknowable depths of a inconceivably huge God, and our miniscule role in His heavens. Prepare your minds for a quake, because the answers have been in front of our eyes the entire time.

May the Blessings be... see you on the undock.