Max Singularity

Max Singularity is the Pontiff of the Sixth Empire, and he is played by Charles White in EVE Online.  Max Singularity has become a celebrity among the 500,000 players of the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game.

It was the players of the game that gave Max the title of Space Pope in fun, but Charles decided to honor the players and dress up during a cosplay competition as the Harbinger of Faith, the Pope of New Eden. After he won the grand prize of the event, there was no turning back, the New Eden cluster had its first Pope, and Charles would continue to carry the title with (subjective) dignity. Max has been honored by players and CCP alike and his reputation is now spilling out of EVE and into other areas like Burning Man.

Role-play wise, the proper address is... "His Holiness, Max Singularity" or "Your Holiness".

Significant Events:  (most current first)
  • Fanfest EVE Vegas 2019 (Coming Soon)
  • Fanfest EVE North, Toronto, Canada 2019
    • Presentation "Alone in New Eden"
  • Fanfest G-Fleet Germany 2018
    • Presentation "Fabric of Space"
  • Fanfest Iceland 2018
  • Finland EVE Meet (& Sauna) 2017
  • First 'gifted' Keepstar in-game.  INN News Article
  • EVE Vegas 2017 - presentation "Physics of New Eden 101"
  • Frigates of EVE Book (June 2017) - CCP & Dark Horse Comics - "A Passage of Knowledge" physics canon
  • EVE Fanfest (2017) - Kyonoke Inquest, System H4-RP4, presentation "Physics of EVE"
  • Apostle of Amarr (Feb 2017) - Legally licensed pilot of an Apostle Capital Ship in the Amarr Highsec system
  • Reboot of the Sixth Empire Alliance (Oct 2016) - The Coast Guard of New Eden
  • EVE Vegas (Oct 2016) - presentation "The Solar System - What they didn't teach you in school"
  • The Olivia Incident (Oct 2016) - Don't mess with this community
  • Norway Banzaicon (Oct 2016) - presentation "About Max Singularity and B4R"
  • EVE Fanfest (Apr 2016) - presentation "NASA - There is no Lull" (2nd Place Cosplay Fedo Costume)
  • Max Amarria (Dec 2015) - Special in-game item published by CCP as a heretics version to the existing Pax Amarria bible.
  • First Champion House Kador (Oct 2015) - Defeated by Fafer under questionable ruling by the Amarr Empire #magnategate
  • Imperium Invasion of Providence (Aug 2015) - Mission to quell surviving Jamylites
  • Drifter Assassination of the False Empress (Aug 2015)
  • Empress Titan targets Max's Abaddon in Highsec (Jul 2015) - (First player to be 'yellow boxed' by a Titan in Highsec)
  • The Imperium March (Apr 2015) - "We formally declare our undying loyalty to the True Emperor of Amarr: Maximilian Singularity VI, First of His Name."
  • Jamyl Sarum Inquisition begins - It's time
  • Fanfest (Mar 2015) Kiss the Ring - presentation "From Science Fiction to Science Fact Panel" (1st & Grand Prize Pope Cosplay)
  • A bored Admiral - Is the devil's hands
  • Kador and 7th Fleet Retirement, Fleet Admiral

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Meeting all the people that I meet
And if you feel alone sometimes
There is always EVE Online to keep you company
Where you need your friends, to keep you away
From the darkness...

I'm the Space Pope, I will take care of you
Follow my lead and, my congregation
Because I'm the Space Pope, receive my blessing because
I make all good things come true
And good things come true!

Hello out there...
This is Earth calling!
I have been appointed, by a bunch of crazy Fins
To speak for all of humanity
And I got a funny hat.

Yes I am the Space Pope...
Make all good things come true
Cause I am the Space Pope, receive my blessings and
Kiss my ring... kiss my ring... (and hold my beer)
Kiss my ring (and hold my beer)
Kiss my ring (and hold my beer)

Now we don't have a church
We gather on life
And we worship the-- Creation
So join my congregation, and follow my lead!

Because I am the Space Pope...
Make all good things come true
Cause I am the Space Pope...
Kiss my ring 
(and hold my beer)
(and hold my beer)
(and hold my beer)

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