The thing is... you really don't get to choose if you are a celebrity or not. That is up to the EVE community. If you have fans, then you somehow must deal with it, and you might as well do it with grace. Here are a few celebs in EVE Online.

  1. a famous person.
    synonyms:famous person, VIP, very important person, personalitynewsmakernamebig name, famous name, household namestarsuperstarmovie starMore
    • the state of being well known.
      "his prestige and celebrity grew"

The Sixth Empire is home to several on-line gamer personalities that have made a 'name' for themselves for various reasons. From those that have won competitions, those that have presented at EVE Fanfest or EVE Vegas (and others), or those that have done things in game that have made them famous (or infamous).  Here are our Sixth Empire and EVE Online celebrities...

Sixth Empire and EVE Online celebrities: (presented at a gathering)
  • Max Singularity - CoFounder 6E - Spiritual Leader Sixth Empire - Space Pope
  • Feiryred - CoFounder 6E - Commanding Admiral Sixth Empire Alliance

Sixth Empire Twitch/YouTube Live Streamers:
  • Reload GV - (6E) Tatius Jorgstern
  • Stu - NorthSoulEve & (6E) Lachlan Herrema

EVE Online noted celebrities and in-game personalities: 
(This section is under development and very subjective.)

Sixth Empire 'Personalities':