Alliance History

Out-Of-Game History
  • Early days
  • Floundering
  • Chase the girl
  • My name is Olivia
  • EVE Vegas 2016
  • Coast Guard of New Eden
  • EVE Vegas 2017 - Critical Mass
  • Today

In-Game History
  • House Singularity
  • The False Empress
  • Imperium Born
  • Invasion of Providence
  • Death of the Criminal
  • House Kador Champion
  • Redemption to Empire
  • Max Amarria
  • Floundering
  • Coast Guard of New Eden
  • Apostle in Amarr
  • Physic of New Eden - Royal Navy

Draft Notes:
The Sixth Empire Alliance was founded in YC117 (2015) to investigate the alleged crimes of the then Empress of the Amarr Empire. The Alliance later went on an inquisition of the Providence Region where known Jamylite criminals were conducting industrial operations in null sec, and bringing their graph and corruption to high sec Amarr Empire. Max Singularity VI, the Harbinger of Faith and Pope of New Eden called forth an Inquisition to destroy the infrastructure of the Jamylites while allowing them to live.  The Imperium Coalition responded to Max's call and in three days brought down four systems and destroyed many IHUBs.  This gave the loyal Amarr supporters in Providence the chance to rebuild a better region to support the upcoming new Emperor/Empress.

A complete (1h 40m) oral history of the founding of the Sixth Empire Alliance by Reload GV:

YouTube Video