Women of EVE

NOTE: Gender issues are always complex and interwoven with many aspects of culture. The purpose of this page is to raise awareness, open a dialog, and highlight some of the women of EVE Online and let them tell their story. Women were nominated by other women and they asked the beginning questions of each other, asked them to contribute, wrote the questions themselves, and they knew what the title of the page was from the start of the request.

Women do play EVE Online (and other games as well).

In our alliance, the Sixth Empire, senior leadership are women.  In fact, the alliance is MUCH BETTER with their insights, generosity, and hardcore dedication to our game and our larger real-life mission. 

However, in the gaming world that is numerically dominated by male players, and young males at that, many of the females have to put up with untold vile abuse online. Some females power through it, some are unaffected by it, while others have simply given up. We are providing the platform for them to tell their story. This is their effort as well, and there are more women wanting to share their stories with us. If you would like to contribute or have a counter-point, contact Pandora Singularity in-game.

The women featured on this page have their story. We in the Sixth Empire, together, want to recognize in this very small way their contributions to our alliance, the Sixth Empire, and EVE Online.

Sixth Empire
Real name: Ivy
In-game: Pandora Singularity

Role in Sixth Empire: Chief Diplomat of the Sixth Empire
Founder and Lead Organizer of EVE North - Toronto Fanfest.

And yet she persisted…. I don’t even know where to start on how I ended up ultimately settling and staying in EVE, my experiences have been very very good, and also VERY bad. But at the end of the day, it’s the community that continuously brought me back.

I’ve laughed, cried, had good times and bad times. I began to help players ingame with problem solving and mediation with conflicting individuals and discovered I had a knack for being a diplo. People began approaching my ingame asking me to help solve their dilemas and HECK they paid me ISK to do it, a win-win and thus my ingame career began to soar.

I almost quit even in 2016 when I had an experience with a few toxic individuals who did some very… unsavory things towards me, which broke my faith in the community. I was crushed, broken, defeated and suddenly finding myself despite my hesitations heading to Fanfest for 2017.

When I arrived in Iceland I had at that time, the current EVE Toronto organizer asking me for assistance in pitching to CCP to get them to come to Toronto, I told Methos “Sure! I’ll help you talk up Toronto” and ultimately found myself in some back dimly lit area of the HARPA talking to this SUPER SHORT guy, who I at the time had NO clue who he was… and OH boy did I learn after the fact that I had just met CCP Guard.

I then also learned of the Sixth Empire and their role-playing and was enchanted with the idea of having a persona who whoever I wanted in-game, and thus the unofficial Pandora Singularity was born.  WHO doesn’t want to walk around announcing they’re a space queen?

The more I learned that weekend about Sixth Empire and their support for broadcast-for-reps ideas and that they play the Coast Guard of New Eden the more I knew I wanted to help them also in some capacity.  I reached out to Max Singularity and offered my assistance as a diplo because let's be honest – there are spy’s everywhere in eve!

As many negative experiences I’ve had within the community there’s also been so many positives. The people I’ve met through the community have helped me learn and evolve into the person I am now. Friends who helped me through some very bad real-life situations all behind their keyboards around the world.

These people are the reason I continue to play, these people are the reason I throw my time and energy into organizing and running EVE North.

My future goals are to continue to see EVE North grow and thrive and potentially run for CSM someday!

My door is always open, so people can reach out to me anytime!!
Real name: Katelyn

Role in the Sixth Empire: Diplomat of Sixth Empire

Founder and Alliance Lead of the Hades - Hells Pirates.
(Her Alliance made the logo after her as well)

(Due to health issues, Katelyn's copy is due soon.)

Real name: Rhiannon
In-game: Feiryred

Role in the Sixth Empire: CoFounder of the Sixth Empire

I had successfully avoided MMOs for years as in my mind, I already had a full-time job and didn’t need another one! However, as is often the case, I had an ex who played Eve and was getting withdrawal symptoms whenever he came over to my place, so I foolishly allowed him to download it on my PC. This was back in 2009 with the Apocrypha expansion and the release of T3 ships. I’d also just seen the butterfly effect video and was intrigued, so he flew his proteus around and I asked the fatal question, ‘How can I try this?’. Exs are exs for a reason and to this day I have no idea how he lost that expensive shiny ship.

After getting my bearings in-game, I joined an alliance in Losec and stayed there 2 ½ years before getting itchy feet. I then went to Nullsec and ended up in Fatal Ascension. I then found my raison d’etre in-game as a diplomat within a month and learned my trade from the legendary Vile Rat alongside other, now notable diplos. I had so much fun for a long time, with so many great people, for another 2 ½ years before hitting burnout as at that time I was more or less running the alliance single-handedly, so I really needed a break, so I was afk for a while.

Frankly, I was almost about to win Eve, but by then I had started to write science articles for what was at the time TheMittani.com (Now Imperium News Network). At this time a certain character we’re now all familiar with had soared into prominence, that being a certain Space Pope. As we share a similar background in space science, I was looking for a quote for an article I was writing so I messaged him on Facebook. He was kind enough to reply, then we started talking, and talking, then plotting, then scheming, then as if by magic, the Sixth Empire was born! We were almost the Sith Empire due to a typo when I made the alliance application, oops.

Getting started as an alliance from nothing was a massive uphill struggle due to the old wardec mechanics, meaning we couldn’t get off the ground as we were perma-wardecced as everyone wanted to kill us-with kindness I’m sure!

We did ultimately carve our own path in eve by finding our path in Eve, as the ‘Coast Guard of New Eden’. We’re not a landgrab alliance, more of a place to crash, hang out and have fun. We have many lady players and most of them are in leadership positions.

I’ve had the odd male toxic troll, but it really is few and far between, although I was bullied in one corps I was in which did sour me from the game for a while, but some people are simply bullies regardless of your gender. I’m not afraid to use my position and influence in-game to stamp on shitty behavior wherever I see it and protect anyone who is in a vulnerable mental state.

I’ve had a lot of fun along the way with getting introduced to roleplay, with support from CCP, I have many great memories of shenanigans in Safizon where we killed an Empress, which led to my one and only Eve tournament, where I died very quickly indeed!

One of my best memories is walking into Harpa to find they’d made us a gold angel (Gold Angels being our main corps). I’ve had a great deal of pride and satisfaction in supporting #broadcastforreps, the in-game anti-suicide programme. Leading an alliance is satisfaction in itself, with our amazing players. The best part of Eve is always the community, and getting to travel the world just to hang out with my besties means I can never leave Eve.

Feiryred is also featured on our webpage here.

Rhiannon's scars and tattoos...

Right: Power Enhance Generator (PEG) of unlimited energy. The EVE Online logo.

Left: Logo of the Sixth Empire. A project semicolon tattoo.
Real name: Nathalie
In-game: Sancta

Role in the Sixth Empire: Chief Cosplay Lead

Winner EVE Fanfest Cosplay 2016 Event: 1st Place
Winner EVE Fanfest Cosplay 2015 Day 3: 1st Place

While Sancta is on an EVE Break (no one ever leaves EVE) she recently has been on world travel exploring places like Chernobyl, Japan, and the Mojave Desert. 

You will see her in photos with the Space Pope during 2015 and 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland when she dressed as an Amarrian Nobel and a Dust514 warrior were she ended up winning the main event in 2016. But wait there is more, she also dressed up as a protector-nun of the Space Pope.

Sancta also has taken cosplay to new levels by creating a Dust 514 Nova Knife that she made from scratch. Additionally, she put a ton of her talents into a real-life replica of Max Amarria, an in-game item.

Her cosplay Facebook page is: Sancta's Cosplay Sanctuary

She recently just got a full-thigh tattoo of a gas-masked nun, in tribute to the Sixth Empire cosplay and the people that gave their life at Chernobyl.  Look for her taking selfies of her on her motorcycle from while flying her drone-camera from above!  #Badass

EVE Online
Additionally, the EVE Online community has some very prominent female players that are not only leaders but instructors as well.
Real Name: Julia
In-game: Ailuj Nostrebor 

Playing EVE Online... saved my life.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with an ‘inoperable’ brain tumor. It was a devastating blow to our family. We had 4 small children, the youngest was 5 years old. 

In 2006 a friend introduced me to this super cool game, EVE Online. I was addicted from day 1. I joined a corp belonging to my friend’s friend and played 23 hours straight. The hour-long downtime was my time out from EVE. I was using EVE to manage my pain, it was an excellent way to distract myself. I knew if I was not well enough to log on, I was having a VERY bad day. My husband joined me in EVE, and he was addicted too.

Over time the corp grew. Some of the members were also in a null-sec corp called Blueprint Haus. They spent 6 months trying to convince me to join, and I finally did. One day in 2010, I was chatting with one of my corpies by the name of Strolling Astronomer, and explaining the gravity of my health situation. I had steadily declined for 7 years. He asked me if I had seen a particular Neurosurgeon I had never heard of before. He told me to send off an email and explain the situation and see if there was anything he could do. I did.

Within a month I had an appointment and traveled the 900km/559mi by car (I could no longer fly) to see the neurosurgeon. The Dr told me I had 6 months left if I did not have surgery.

We booked in for the surgery to be done mid-February 2011 and drove 900km/559mi home. February 2011,  the flooding in Brisbane and northern NSW, my husband and I did after the 900km/559mi trip again and I went in for surgery. (Obviously, I survived, or I would not be writing this.)

Things didn’t go quite to plan, and I had some complications. I logged in to EVE the day after surgery to let my EVE family know I was okay. After I got home 2 weeks later, I discovered my memory had been profoundly impacted and I couldn’t remember how to do all the things I used to do in EVE, so I’d just log on and chat with the corp.

At the beginning of 2019, I went in for day surgery and ended up in ICU for 2 days and then the neuro ward for the rest of the week. A week later I was back in the hospital for another week and coded three times while there.

I discharged myself so that I could go back to University and complete my degree. I completed my BPsychSc before coming to EVE Vegas and received my final results in the middle of it. I had my first co-authored paper published in the European Journal of Cancer care earlier this year.

We told the Space Pope my story and he told CCP Hellmar, both cried and hugged me. EVE is the biggest family in the world, not just a friendship machine. 

I am a brain tumor survivor. My life was saved by an EVE Online player.  Today I am raising awareness and funding for Brain Tumours and ABI while flying through the stars of New Eden


EVE Vegas 2019 with Max Singularity Space Pope and CEO of CCP Games Hilmar

Real Name: Shannon
In-Game: Gho Higyidr

Corp: Destructive Influence
Alliance: Northern Coalition.

So...It's a loooong story but here's a TL;DR... I started playing EVE in December 2006 after watching my ex enjoy the game. He was a part of Dark and Light inc. (Original Band of Brothers affiliated corp in 0.0). The game looked appealing, intricate and piqued my interest enough to create my first character (which is Gho). Not long after creating her, and trying out various things in-game. I created Black Serpent Technologies (MAMBA) with said ex. November of 2007 I was accepted into my very first 0.0 alliance - Intrepid Crossing, and as an EXTREME NEWBEAN took my tiny ass corp to Drone Lands Region of Nullsec and began to explode in numbers and experience.

*Points of interest:
-Outpost dropped in WU9-ZR in 2008
-My first Mothership (Wyvern) built in the same year which I eventually sold with Lady Scarlet as my 3rd party for a Nyx MANY YEARS later xD
-My first attempt at building a titan (Avatar) was destroyed as the parts were stolen by Saba Quiestador as he defected from IRC to Goonswarm (fuck you Mittani ;p)
-Massive war breaks out and I decided to pull MAMBA from IRC after almost 3 years.
-Joined a few meh 0.0 alliances in attempts to keep my corp alive, and landed in R.A.G.E under the blue veil of Morsus Mihi and friends. Some of the most fun I have EVER had in EVE!
-While in R.A.G.E MAMBA anchored another outpost in 1N-FNB... and once again I attempted to build my titan. Sadly I was fucked over by an IRL friend and director in-game. He stole all corp's assets, ISK, and structures...including money and BPs for my titan. Then he left the game and QUIT HIS JOB!! (we worked together) I was emotionally DONE with trying to build this stupid titan ship. It was at this time PL was rolling R.A.G.E space, and Macabre Votum was poaching my corp (damn it TJ ;p). So I gave in... collapsed it into MV and quit the game. This was in 2009.

After this my RL nose-dived. My ex walked out on me. I was depressed. I attempted suicide. Thanks to a couple of old MAMBA members (who are still with me in DICE <3) I didn't follow through with it.

I came back to EVE in 2010 to a very dead husk of a corp that I had worked so hard to build. I was contacted by my old members, and against my better judgment began to rebuild. I spent time in a Black Ops alliance (Bloodline.) which harassed the back lines and front lines during the Halloween War. I then felt confident enough to rejoin a big 0.0 group and joined The Unthinkables in 2014. SO MUCH FUN! After that? B-R!! I was not in the titan fight but I did fight in it!

*Further points:
-INK collapsed in 2014 (Damn it Chutney!).
-Joined Black Legion as I have known Elo since he was 14 so yeah, MAMBA was harassed endlessly here. While we were in Black Legion, I got together with my current fiance Kobutsu who some of you may know from the EVE Vegas 2018 Closing Ceremony where our engagement was announced :3. I met him in EVE back when MAMBA was in IRC, (never in RL until 5 years ago) and well it was meant to be!
-Black Legion died. So I joined The Culture with its remnants.
-Mixed feelings about our time here... BUT...FINALLY GOT MY DAMN TITAN!!!! xD Only took 8 years!
--Then, The Culture began to collapse in 2017. MAMBA joined Northern Coalition (truncated novel). I FINALLY closed MAMBA in 2019 and merged with DICE where I am to this day with most of my old corp.

I will move into a question asked of me: "Have you had toxic male experience?" I am going to answer this, however, I am not doing so to demonize men and 'empower women.' There are nasty individuals in both genders. I have had toxic experiences with BOTH OF THEM in-game and out on EVE-related issues. I have been sexually harassed by eve players, I have been stalked by them and bullied (I can name a very specific one if you want). Reporting them to CCP did nothing for me. Reporting them to Facebook did nothing for me. So I simply blocked and moved on as best I could.

Trying to re-discover that old flame I had for the game. I am not NEARLY as active as I was. :(  I DO miss the PvP. I miss the game, but my RL is so BUSY. All I do now is focus on helping my corp continue to kick some ass and that makes me smile. 

Last but not least: I was diagnosed with MS in 2016. Currently stable but it takes a huge toll on my general health, mental health and well being. Stress is a huge trigger for flares which was a major factor in my decision for backing away from EVE in the capacity I used to play. But as a goal, I will be working on getting back into the game, losing ships, killing nerds, enjoying life!  Maybe when EVE goes back to Vegas you will see me there too! Kobu and I went 5 years in a row, and it is BS the official one is not gonna be there for 2020!

Lady Scarlet (also noted below)
 and Gho at EVE Vegas
Real Name: Carole
In-Game: Mynxee

I began playing EVE (my first and only MMO) in February 2007 on another character. Mynxee was born when I decided to become a low sec pirate and enjoyed time in various pirate corps. Soon after, I created Hellcats, a small but active women-only pirate group. When leadership demands became tedious, I left for Noir., a mercenary group. Around that time I was also elected to serve a year on CSM 5. After my CSM term, I took a break for a couple of years. When I returned to EVE in early 2014, I tried low sec piracy again and found it uninspiring. I was considering leaving the game again but in December that year, the Thera system was introduced. As part of my customary wanderings, I wanted to check it out and thus discovered EvE-Scout which scans Thera connections and publishes them at http://eve-scout.com.

I became a scout and that led to a great friendship with EvE-Scout founders Johnny Splunk and G8keeper. Not long after, they asked me to CEO a neutral, non-aggressive exploration corporation for their scouts and other explorers. Thus, Signal Cartel launched in late January 2015 and the rest is history as our corp made its mark on New Eden.

In early 2019, I decided to focus my energies on real-life endeavors so I stepped down from CEO to a “consulting Director” position. In late 2019, I went on (probably permanent) hiatus from EVE to devote myself to a real-life business opportunity. I enjoyed my time as a “space famous” member of the EVE community and am particularly proud of having played a key role in Signal Cartel and what it has become.

As regards women in EVE, I was never concerned about other players knowing I was a female. Because of that, other women in the game were open about their gender with me. I suspect there are more women in the game than even CCP is aware of, but many prefer not to make it known. Most EVE women I know, as well as myself, have had to endure some amount of toxic behavior from others due to our gender. In my case, such incidents were extremely rare and easily ignored, blocked, or reported. Over my nearly 13 years in the game, I have on the whole found other players to be decent folks and have made many treasured friendships as a result that persist outside the game.


Real name:
In-game: Greygal

I joined Eve in May 2009, so not a newbie although there are days I still feel like one.  One late restless night shortly after Apocrypha was released, I saw an ad for Eve Online. Honestly, I don't quite know why I choose to click the ad and download it, but I did. Within hours, I knew I was nearly hooked but resisted subscribing.

On my 11th day in-game, not knowing any better, I decided to try and scan out one of these wormhole things everyone was chatting about, exploration was all the rage. Using almost all the iskies I had, I fitted out my by-then trusty little Catalyst with a probe launcher and 5 core probes, and following a video someone linked to me, I started scanning. I was so thrilled with myself when I found a wormhole on my very first scan!

In general, to get us real-life women into Eve, you have to realize that what attracts us to a game is not the same thing that attracts you, men. In a nutshell: men like to destroy and blow stuff up, women like to nurture and create.

For most men, it's about gaining power over others, for us women it is about gaining consensus and cooperation between others.

Don't get me wrong - we women enjoy blowing stuff up too, but mostly, we like having a purpose for blowing stuff up. A grand romantic reason, to be more exact! Going into low or null sec just to find a fight is generally not appealing... hunting down someone who attacked a newbie member, or ganked a vet or attacked our pos... now THAT we get into. The mother bear in us comes out when we feel one of our own has been unjustly harmed - and we women warriors can be most fierce, indeed, when you piss us off.

What attracted women I know to this game is the grand romance of it all. Space is romantic. The stars, the nebulae, the vastness of it all... fighting to survive in a harsh and cruel universe that really doesn't give a crap about you, doing so side-by-side with your friends and family, against overwhelming odds finding success or eking out mere survival, but doing it together, because that togetherness is what keeps us in the game.

Want more women in Eve? Emphasis the social - in particular, the cooperative nature of Eve. Let new women players in your corp plan the parties, organize the supplies, recruit, meet-and-greet. Show us the markets and the industrial side, the mining and the exploration - all the best scanners I know are women, we're far more patient.

And on the um... perhaps somewhat negative side... show us the underhanded dirty scammy side of Eve. Take advantage of the fact that we can be far more conniving, manipulative, cunning, and downright sneakier than most men - one of the real life women I know in-game happens to be one of the best scammers out there, another is one hell of a corporate spy (and thankfully, both are not in my corp!)

But most importantly: Never treat your real-live women corp members as if they are fragile, weak, stupid, ignorant or silly. It'll just piss us off and we'll have to hunt you down and blow you up, repeatedly.

For the entire story, click on Greygal's blog.
Real name: Stephanie
In-game: LadyScarlet

Corp: Destructive Influence
Alliance: Northern Coalition.

I started EVE ONLINE in 2003. I moved here with a group of other friends who had migrated over to EVE during beta from a game called Planetarion. Some would say we went from the tick browser-based version of EVE to the real deal. I started off doing missions and soon realized I would rather PVP which is how LadyScarlet came about and in 2020 I'm still here playing this game.

When asked to do this write-up, one of the questions that came up was “have I had a toxic male experience” and to answer that truthfully in my early years of EVE it was pretty horrible. Then the most recent was a person who tried to obtain real-life info to blackmail in-game and then attempted to use the info on many 3rd party services. CCP and people Managing those 3rd party services put their foot down and that person has moved on. You can now see in EVE EULA changes on the subject and I would like to think my case played a big part in that and getting it changed.

Let me be clear EVE has Several thousands of players from all walks of life there will always be rotten apples which you find in almost anything you do. The majority of the players are wonderful people, I met my EVE real-life best friend through EVE and many others I call friends!! You can shoot people in-game and have a drink later in real life with and laugh and we do every month. You can typically find me at an EVE Meetup and once a year at EVE Vegas... and that is why I still play this game!

The most notable things I have done in EVE Online?
* Our group was asked to work Guristas in EC- when CCP/Polaris introduced the Dreadnought on a large POS
* Band of Brothers rental manager.
* CEO of DICE took over after a Huge Corp theft at the time and brought it back from near-death 1st priv corp in NC to build and own a KeepStar.
* (NC Leadership/Diplo/rental manager).
* I lost a TITAN in the famous B-R5RB fight! 
* Both of my toons are on the EVE monument in Iceland. 
* Showed up to EVE Vegas 2017 4 days after getting out of the hospital with 50 staples in my gut (had my kidney removed due to cancer) because I didn't want to miss my friends!
* Been pretty much to all of nullsec rented most of it at one time or another to other groups
* Had a wormhole toon for a small period of time
* I own a Zirnitra :)

My current goals in EVE: Just have fun with my friends lose an expensive ship and watch everyone freak out including myself. Keep working with new groups to get them out to 0.0 through our rental programs and hope to build them up, and just see where the rest takes me.
Real Name: Zoe
In-Game: Ms Moses

Corp: Streamfleet
Alliance: Streamfleet

Twitch: Twitch.tv/Streamfleet

I started playing Eve in 2008 - when my son was just a few months old. I was drawn in because my other-half was playing and I wanted to know what was this strange game that took all his time.

I quickly established that I was a carebear - I found a friendly little corp that taught me mining, I soon was running the fleets, working out shares and moved into Indy. After a while our CEO went MIA and I took over the in-game corporation, ran it for a short while and then decided to take a break. Over the following years, I have dipped in and out of the game, had times in Horde, in Signal Cartel, and in NPC - learned the art of EWAR and spent more time doing indy and ice mining (what can I say I am a stardew valley player at heart and not afraid to admit i have that on every console possible)

My first fanfest was back in 2014, where the small children came with me and we enjoyed our first experience - it was interesting to say the least.. I have since been back a few times on my own and had the joy of riding Icelandic horses - exploring the island and making new friends.

A few years ago I had my first go at VR and I was hooked - I quickly started playing Eve Valkyrie and joined in with the community - I had found my home. I spent a good 18 months playing and was looking forward to the warframe release (the move into 2D) - we planned a charity event around the launch and set about to stream it...this was where I met Raiden and Streamfleet.

Since November 2017 I have been involved in the streaming community of eve, working with the streamers to run events both in and out of game. This lead us to events like Twitch vs Eve, the Streamer Death Race, Girls vs Boys (which started the Waifus discord - girls only!!) and of course the Eve Invasion World Tour.

Today, I am one of the 3 directors of Streamfleet - I mainly log into the game to raise funds for the Streamfleet corp - where we give away all the proceeds to streamers or viewers - to help promote the game and help new people get up and running.

Real name: 
Ingame: Gloss Teamredbull

Twitch: Twitch.tv/higloss

In 2018 a Twitch streamer named EVElog came into my Twitch chat and started talking about EVE Online. At first, I thought he was talking about "Eevee" the Pokemon because I had never heard about EVE Online before. I decided to give it a try. The first thing I noticed next to all the crazy space ships flying around, was how helpful the community was. It was heartwarming to see how many people hopped into my stream and In-game channel to help a noob out.

What I like best about EVE Online is that the best ship is the friendship! Flying around with friends and sharing the experience trough my streams is what I like most about playing EVE Online. The Community is strength and a positive attitude is everything!

I like to discover new places while doing missions in my Abyssal Afterflow Skinned Gila. I'm married to that ship, absolutely love it!

It's also great for doing Fierce Abyssals which I like to do during my streams. I have the timer on one screen and Twitch chat on the second. Talking about some chickens and random Tinder stories and before you know it the timer has 2minutes left. Time to put on that afterburner!

I like some roleplay too, I have a "party container" that is full of random people and random items that I collect. My next mission is to build the biggest slaver hound shelter.

No matter who you are, someone is always going to be against you. Just because I have 2 missiles on my midriff doesn't give me less right to have fun in a game. I don't care about people who judge me, I'm just going to do whatever makes me happy in my life.

Thank you to the wonderful Women of EVE that have shared their story above. 

Warning... stop here. There is a very dark side to these gender issues, and that is nothing new.
It's worse in other games than EVE Online, but that is no solace.
Click the link below, but again... fair warning... it's ick. Just plain ick. 
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